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040: Mike Koenigs shares his story of surviving cancer with host John Cote on Healthcare Elsewhere – Part 2 of 2

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http://www.HealthcareElsewhere.com This is Episode 040 and Mike Koenigs is our first video guest on Healthcare Elsewhere, the most popular Medical Tourism show globally. Host John Cote shares daily success stories from patients and interviews with healthcare experts from around the world. This is Part 2 of 2.

Mike Koenigs is a successful entrepreneur, 4 time #1 best selling author, software developer and world class trainer of enterpreneurs. His journey of surviving colon cancer is inspiring and Mike shares some very useful and blunt advice on how to survive a life threatening disease. His personal circle of friends include Deepak Chopra among others and his research eventually brought him to the Duke Cancer Institute for his cancer treatment. Incidentally, John Cote’s wife Jennifer went to the Duke Cancer Institute as well for an experimental cancer vaccine over 25 years ago that she credits with saving her life from terminal cancer.


On a side note, Mike’s wife Vivian is the founder of the Just Like My Child foundation which runs, among many other initiatives, the Girl Power Project. My wife Jennifer and I donate to their cause several times a year, they are doing an excellent job helping people in Africa.


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