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10 Best SUPERHERO Games of All Time

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Everyone loves superheroes, right? Their video games can often be hit or miss, but we’re highlighting our all-time favorites today.
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gameranx says:

What are your fav superhero/comic games? Everyone has different answers. Let us know!

麻王 says:

Where is da Undefeated?

Derrick Stahl says:

The punisher was fucking fantastic what

bsuburris says:

No Ninja Turtles?

bsuburris says:

A lot of crying going on…… Sad.

Flapplebees says:


Hugh Janus says:

Infamous should be #1

K. Blaze says:

Wow. No Marvel rise of the imperfects?

Damn that hurt lol

Phillipp Mcghee says:

U said sucker punch

*Mike Stephano* says:

With saints row 4 & Gat out Of Hell at top 2 or maybe 3 followed by Arkam Night . When it comes to Open World Super hero games thats it.

Sam Herport says:

The first injustice is so much better and fresher than the second one.

Anthony Henry says:

Arkham Origins was way better. Thats my opinion.

Jatin Saini says:

Ultimate Alliance still has a place in my heart

Ben Nocera says:

Funny the thumbnail is modern warfare and I don’t think it’s a superhero game

Popescu Marius says:

PROTOTYPE 2 should have been on the list

ItsEthan says:

Superman returns the video game slapped so hard

sS u P 3 rR says:

I remember playin marvel alliance on Xbox 360

Itsbryan24.7 says:

I really thought I was the only kid that played origins Wolverine on Xbox 360

B Hill says:

should have named the vid 10 best comic book games of all times since you overlooked champions online and city of heroes

Daniel Gonzales says:

XMAN LEGENDS II Rise of the Apocalypse was a ground layer!!!

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