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10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

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Emi Wong says:

I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

Irene Liang says:

Dying >.<

Landan Mendez says:

You’re hot

Emma Verbert says:

The V up And down hurt my tailbone so much, I got up And did it on my bed two times though

R Moreno says:

Esto funciona a las mil maravillas 😭😭😭😭😭😭 en 5 días ya notas los cambios

Hiiyem says:

I'm doing it for a week now and I can see results. 🙂

Kayozi Media says:

Whaat! Emi Emiii! This freaking hurrrrtsss! What! Will I ever be able to complete this workout 😭😭

ArmyMoo says:

Just wanna say that even if the workout is hard I just keep pushing but oh yisus, this one…
Emi screamed, I screamed.

KittyGacha204 says:

When it gets hard, I like to close my eyes and imagine what I look like with a flat belly, small waist, and abs. It helps make it easier for me. But literally this workout has made me skinner! (I do it two times a day everyday)

QiYi琪苡 says:


KittyGacha204 says:

I had previously bought Forgetting This- Elijah N
So when it played I was like why is that playing? I never asked siri to play it. Then I realized she was playing in her video :/

JesiLoves says:

Go to exercise 8 Lmao I'm gonna try again tomoz and see if I can get to 10

Ananya Chakraborty says:

I have started to follow your workouts and I feel very positive when I see you also struggling with the hold. Thank you 🙏 ♥️

Tanushree Santra says:

Ohhh my god dis is d toughest emi wong workout .. i have tried quite a few workouts of her … Bt dis is d hardest… I did it yesterday .. i couldn't do it properly.. i thought today i can do it properly bt frm d seventh exercis… I continued bt cudnt complete d rest 3 wid d timer .. kept dropping… Dis is so tough

Kusuma Reddy says:

Hii mam .. I want to get reduce stomach and belly fat mam Abs it's not too much big but little but I want to become like u fit mam so plzz suggest me which video if we watch it will be nice

Zoé Delahais says:

Thanks for the workout !! Is it normal that my back hurt too ? The bottom of my back

Barbra Mendoza says:

I’ve been doing this for almost 20 days now and the exercises are getting bearable each time – meaning my core is getting stronger! Thanks Emi, you’re my fave

Reymond Pendatun says:

That's what we want NO DROPPING KEEP GOING..so nice to hear..

Aaliyah Reyes says:

im gonna sound so stupid but does this burn fat or build abs ?

Zephyr Verissimo says:

anyone have a rough idea of how may calories this burns??

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