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10 MINUTES GONE Official Trailer (2019) Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis Movie HD

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10 MINUTES GONE Official Trailer (2019) Bruce Willis, Michael Chiklis Movie HD

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A crime thriller that centers on a man whose memory has been lost due to a bank heist gone wrong. The character will need to piece together the missing 10 minutes from his memory in order to determine who sabotaged him.

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da96103 says:

Another heist and thriller movie? Come on. This is 2019. Do something new. Those executives need to be fired.

The Wanderer says:

Goodness,I agree with a lot of comments here,Bruce doesn't look as enthusiastic,as he use to for sure.Some comments,say his performance looks "phoned in",would someone please explain to me what that means? Thank you,very much.Cheers.

tigeroger59 says:

As a bald man I heartily endorse this movie.

Patricio Diaz says:

I think this movie came 15 years late, even the trailer looks old…

Hansen Says Take A Seat says:

I've seen this story line before 🤔

Munzy Bryan says:


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Joon Yi says:

Dammit Commish, after you save the world with your 3 friends, you go do this shit?

Derpy Demented says:

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Kaiser Dal says:

Whats wrong with him?

DangerousDavies2008 says:

Another phoned In Bruce Willis movie Zzz..

T M says:

Die Hard meets SHIELD

Aashish Joshi says:

is this old movie?

Lorna Ginette Harrison says:

Oh dear…just, nope.

Scott Derrickson says:

Bruce, how much money do you owe to the mob? This is really sad.


a mystery box movie,was this garbage directed by both ruin johnson(would explain the shit writing) and jj abrams (theres the mystery box sorted) ill wait for tv,then miss it.

The Cawdfather says:

And 100 minute of ur life u won't get back!

adit1939 says:

In ten minutes ones out of the theatre 🎭

Paulo Hoth says:

Bruce Willis interpreta Leandro Karnal.

RimlandThesis says:

10 Minutes Gone – when you walk out of the movie! (now say it with that wicked Narrator's voice!)

Scharde Clattuc says:

Jesus! That looks fucking awful – It's like if Steven Seagal decided to do a ropey made for TV movie.

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