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2017 Belgian Grand Prix | Race Highlights

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All the best action from a dramatic and fraught race at Spa-Francorchamps

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アイス。 says:


Wayne andrews says:

my teas gone cold im wondering why I got out of bed at all ..

Siddharth Chand says:

How is Perez still in and Ocon out of that team. Perez is an absolute embarrassment

Motorsport Schuller says:

Cooles Video

cak sontong says:

The last car without gaylo

multiyapples says:

Great race.

100MPH Selfies says:

Funny how media criticize Vettel when he's the only men to challenge the entire all Mighty Mercedes by himself without Ferrari support for the last 5 years.

Pablo Suarez Villar says:

Y pensar que iba pegado a los primeros en la salida… que piloto😍

Clément Baillet says:

Niki Lauda 🙏

Rosely Caixeta says:

Muito legal a corrida

nino vicković says:

I have two things to say.1. he talks too much. 2. is this real?!

Kiss Mlungu says:

4:55 sandwich Bothas again, like in Spain 2019

Andre Kurniawan says:

Alonso star warr's

GeniusLad32 says:

0:23 That's Raidill- oh…

911s73targa says:

bloody annoying commentator…

Dániel Kövesi says:

Force India got their drivers from a demolition derby. Both of them.

Ajay Constantine says:

That camera angle at 4:43 😍❤ similar to the awesome ending scene of the movie RUSH!

Joyce TANG says:

Hamilton car number: 44
Laps: 44
Hamilton wins

sai krishna says:

Telugu language please

Thomas Roussel says:

What a start by Fernando Alonso

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