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2017 Lincoln Continental – 2016 Detroit Auto Show

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This big, luxurious sedan is a return to form for Lincoln. http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/01/2016-lincoln-continental-stays-true-to-concept.html


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Reid Lods says:

Uh oh. Here comes all the shitty import Prius lovers.

Glen W. Ford says:

Lincoln sales have increased significantly in the past 2 years and they now will be opening 60 new centers around the country to keep up with the demand. Man this is one great car.

reviews&BS says:

you sound like a hater !!! you look stupid and idk how you made it to the camera. .. Ugly ass !!! hopefully you get fired …

Allen Saunders says:

Lincoln has had no identity for along time peoples don't know there cars

Han Schenk says:


Braulio R. says:

Can't wait to see these new design elements in the rest of the Lincoln lineup.

Staci A. G. says:


Matthew Kushner says:

Epic fail on the rear.

Nicholas Fox says:


colderbeer says:

The BIG American sedan is back…..love this!

Rodrigo Covarrubias says:

very generic design

torrid94 says:

see a lot of the volvo S90 in its design..

RNM AutomotiveAddiction says:

Looks pretty good – love the seats and the blue interior!
Volvo S90 and Conti are direct rivals – hopefully both start around $40k.

Ja'Vven La'Pierre says:

i'll take it in Black #boss

Woodstock Dave says:

Conti? lol dont say conti.

jeffrey exposito says:

Wow. Lincoln hit it out of the ballpark. The car is gorgeous

CanadaCraig says:

And Canada too – I'm assuming!

Izuhara Torozu says:

I love the styling cues from a lot of European high end luxury cars. The stereo's speaker grills scream Mercedes Benz to me, and I can appreciate that. This really takes a turn away from Ford's horrible 'Alien Space Ship' interior styling as of the last 5 years or so.

marcus davenport says:

If this isn't the best car of the year idk what is! I'm trading in my MKZ and I'm getting one asap!

gaae2000 says:

I wouldn't spend so much money on a Ford, yes – that Lincoln is a Ford.

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