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2019 MISS USA Pageant

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Cheslie Kryst was crowned Miss USA 2019

Sarah Rose Summers of Nebraska crowned her successor Cheslie Kryst of North Carolina at the end of the event. Kryst will represent the United States at Miss Universe 2019.

The 2019 competition served as the second consecutive time that the pageant has been held concurrently with the Miss Teen USA competition.



Lerson Lingayon says:

Im sad for both Minesota and Iowa they are both beautiful! but congrats to my girl New Mexico and North Carolina❤️❤️❤️

James Parrilla says:


Primrose Mary Ann Teves says:

Hope they wont get nervous and wish just be their self on stage not copying any of it.Natural themselves.

Primrose Mary Ann Teves says:

Very beautiful ladies of all time the best of all the best,alright.Dont mislead me.

Primrose Mary Ann Teves says:

Because all the contestants are very descent ladies.

Primrose Mary Ann Teves says:

Even the speeches of the hosts too much better descent words.

Primrose Mary Ann Teves says:

Just make sure the lyrics are good to all audiences because too many people around the wrold listening.Ok

Aditya Ahuja says:

Miss ugly😂😂😂😂

Aldy Marco says:

Next time dont put the winner photo as thumbnail

BLANC블랑 says:

kylie Jenner is prettier than any others from here… why?

Laura Phi says:

All those gorgeous woman and THAT was the winner

krisha caburnay says:

Why does the miss usa crown always the same or just inspired by the designed of miss universe crowns ?????

Andrew Taylor says:

Nick and Vanessa, you two are a great pair and hosts. (And both charming too.) Please return next year.

see my files says:

I am sorry

lil. Ti says:

No Tennessee?

Charlenecxcx c says:

Is there a Colorado one?

hamsternice says:

Based on the Top 5 questions alone, I prefer Arkansas over Oklahoma answer.. If I were Oklahoma, this would be my answer: I believe that the incarcerated should be allowed to vote. Yes they need to serve their sentences and bear the consequences of their acts or offenses but they also have civil rights. As citizens of the nation, they have the rights to vote for those who can fight for justice, social equality and civil liberty.

hamsternice says:

Mind you but Miss USA questions were rocket science questions.. lol tough ones…

Varissa Varissa says:

Hmmm she looks old lol

CJ Pascua says:

Savannah looks like a doll so pretty

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