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44 Year Old NBA Pro Still Getting BUCKETS at the Big 3!!! Cuttino Mobley THE REAL UNCLE DREW!

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Cuttino Mobley is 44 years old and still getting buckets for defending champions Power as they took on 3’s Company during the first day of action at The Big 3.
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44 is young for regular bball

Charlie wintz says:

Lol cuttino had a short career as well he had time to relax

Killian Ashryu says:

I still remember him playing w/ steve francis in houston rockets along side yao ming before trading them for t-mac.

Oh Oh says:

V. C is still in the NBA…

John Doe says:

Yeah because 44 is old and pro ball players are supposed to forget how to ball after they retire.

Anthony Juarez says:

Cube must be paying Big Baby Davis with all u can eat chili cheese fries 👀😳😂🤣😂😅😂😂🤣😭😭

Anthony Anderson says:

The real uncle Drew is Abdul Rauf who is still getting buckets at 50 years old. Real old skool ball. You can't be uncle drew until you turn 50. Catino Mobley is still young. Lol

Vilgot Lundgren says:

vince carter isnt gettin buckets or what

indian army says:

Better than WNBA tho 🤷🏽‍♂️

Pendergrass says:

Mobley still straight heat

Miles says:

That slap tho 8:15

DjSweet Lou says:

The Drew league is WAY better. Just sayin'…

DjSweet Lou says:

Baby Davis enjoying the GOOD things in life! Lol!

S1r Orbit says:

I love watching Mobley play. He was always good even in the nba glad he still playing b-ball somewhere 🔥🔥

Duquesne Still says:

I literally forgot about the Big 3

Kyle Sharp says:

Respect the og's
Mobley, was around during ✋ checking, imagine what Kobe or Mike would do in this OMG

dspsaab says:

Oh shit they play defense.. what is this professional basketball or something?

watchcode says:

Isn't the average age of this league like 44?

WSG Man says:

Lakers offering Mobley a minimum

skullripper_2005 goat says:

The real uncle drew has been found

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