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A fan made unofficial Music Video for Pep and Rash – Rumors

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The overall theme that I chose for the music video, Romor is inspired by a 70’s cartoon called Arzach. It is the line-art cartoon style that interests me that I would like to apply it to the main character and some elements in the music video, combined with some realistic graphic elements to make dimension and does not look too flat. I do not want to go literal with the lyrics but instead, I would like to give a metaphor and mock on the lyrics.
The story that I come up with is about a spaceship which emulates a guy that is searching for the truth in the universe. Stars and planets imitate rumours that the spaceship is passing by. Start with introducing the main character which is the spaceship flying off shockwaves to give the excitement to the video and it goes along with the beat, urging the audience to play attention to the video.
At the last 15 seconds of the clip, I apply fractal art style which was hot in the 80’s to make it more fascinating. Fractals are repeating patterns, they merely repeat infinitely, and get smaller and bigger, repeatedly in the same shape form. And I think it would be interesting to apply it to the punching part which is the end of my music video. It is very dynamic and gives trippy vibe which is the style I would like to go for with the deep house music i chose. In the last 8 seconds, I made the fractal background kaleidoscopical to push up the excitement and make it more dynamic before the video clip ends.
The target audiences for this music video are club goers, people who take psychedelic drug, acid substance such as LSD, people who smoke cannabis and search for illuminati and people who like trippy arts etc, Therefore, the colour scheme for this MV are hue and saturated colours. And a few old school colours that I chose for the character are blue and orange. I did not want the character and some flat elements to have many colours to make them stand out from the multicolour realistic style background.
Credit : Pep and Rash – Rumors, for the music


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