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A Look At The Diet Behind Adele's Weight Loss

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CBS2’s Cindy Hsu has the latest on the diet that helped superstar singer Adele lose the weight.


jade brown says:

She’s so beautiful any size she chooses to be ♥️ love you Adele

Drgnfli says:

It's great and it's a good change. Healthier and more energy. Don't kid yourself people though, she has had gastric sleeve surgery. My daughter in law had that done, three weeks ago , and has lost 12 kilos so far. No diet and only 3 times at the gym will not achieve that result in 6 months.. My daughter in law's friend has lost 40 kilos and dropped 5 dress sizes in 6 months. Don't be depressed if you can't do what Adele did, she's had alot of help. It's not a realistic goal without surgery.

Sandra Barnett says:

She look great. Leave her alone.

G G says:

I hope she did not lose too much weight; 100 lbs. seems like a lot, but I don't know her previous weight. I like a woman with some meat on the bones :). Hope her voice remains the same.

Kevin Spencer says:

She discovered cocaine.


I actually am liking this new Adele phase…finally it seems she's branching out to different things/styles…living out things…and hopefully that will resonate in her future music…interestingly, people that previously criticized her weight are now concerned with her health…come on people…get a life…she's obviously having one…you're a bunch of jealous haters…nothing more…Good for you Adele…keep on shining…we only live once…

thefunkyone247 says:

You’re FAT and their not happy, You lose weight and their concerned and worried. I mean WTf 🤦‍♂️🤦🤷🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤣😂😅😆🤨🤨🤨🤨

Sharon Barnes says:

You know why she hasn't commented? BECAUSE IT'S NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!😡

PopOutPeace -Random says:

Oh no I love adele i bit chubby, but still I love her.

TAR ICO says:

She's still rotund. I mean she's got a nice personality, but….

Nefer Hor says:

Some BULLSHIT..she DOESN'T look less chubby than always…& the4 pixel photo doesn't prove anything..

Oops Spilled says:

She looks amazing

K A says:

So happy for Adele… She’s 31 now and it’s understanding of her to make this change. New decade, New healthy Adele.

Kevin Young says:

I bet naked its a saggy bag of hanging breasts and stretch marks. Bet some of the weight loss is also down to recreational drugs. Fat inside!

L P says:

Shee looks awesome. People need to stop talking shitt about " your fat but if you feel good, if you are happy …" let me tell you, no onee feels good been fat, not only because how you look, but how you dress, how your energy sucks, how you can't do the same kind of routines or sports or regular activity as a person with right weight… In addition to that all the sickness and problems it brings eventually, so then you are 40 and you have a thousand health problems. STOP SAYING BEEN FAT IS OK BECAUSE IS NOT Healthy, it's not pretty and it's not ok

chasity leman says:

Look fab!!!!! Proud of you!!!

kiwi cherry says:

sign me up! she looks great and much younger, but honestly these celebs have more access to resources like personal trainers and nutritionist than regular people, but still good for her

OneStop Lifestyle says:

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J T says:

She is beautiful with the weight and curves As a man I wanna feel some more of what I want that's real women to me and many men I wouldn't mine having her besides me that's just my opinion and many others but it's her body in just saying best regards JT

Hanadi Em ÄDÀM says:

She's beautiful with weight or not
Idont know why people like the skinny women !

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