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*ACCURATE* day in the life of online school

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Amada DePalma says:

Hahah yes!!! The accuracy

Shane Fairbank says:

Earn Your Degree Online. https://www.digistore24.com/redir/294070/fshane936/

Abigail Hutchinson says:

your bedroom window view 😍

Abigail Hutchinson says:

this is so accurate

gabi vega says:

my days go by so fast now that i do online it’s awesome

Birdski says:

I'am going into online school and I'am freaking out a little bit.

alicia Longoria says:

This is the only video that i relate to.

Maddie Jean says:

Dude. This is REALLY accurate. Like, too accurate. You definitely deserve a better sub count too, so Ill help out with that. Good job dude!

josiah.is.chillin says:

What online school are you using.

Ria Glo says:

You are me.

S&C cool says:

This is so accurate. You just described my whole life as an online student.

cctovic β€’ says:

This is good because I'm looking for to do online school , then actual high school cause its getting really annoying for me , so thanks for the guide of what online schools like . πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’œ

Allie jade says:

What online school do you use?

trapz lewd says:

I loved this

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