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Alliance American Football League AAF Will Destroy NFL And New Game Will Take Over Madden

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Bill Rogers says:

I really like this league…REAL BALL!!!!

Chad Bruce says:

I seriously doubt that one and done

FeniaN Duffy says:

GREAT CLEAN HIT. The best part, NO flag! Why? Because it was a good Clean hit. God it’s awesome to see real tackle football again! It’s been SO MANY years!

Israel Silva says:

I knew this was gonna happen, I guess now it's cool to say that the AAF is better than the NFL.

Anthony Swope says:

Wow I forgot what defense looks like. I have a greater sense of confidence at least all of the games will not be rigged like they are in the NFL.

VanHallen52 says:

Wish the nfl would go back to this because I want to see my fav team being able to do stuff like this.

Flair 21 says:

This leagues success all comes down to the players. When you think of football you probably think of your favorite team first. Immediately after you probably think of he players on the team. These players are the people you grow to enjoy watching. Countless dollars have been used to buy jerseys and other merchandise that directly relates to the players. Part of the fame of the players always finds its way back to football. For the league to succeed the players need to grow in fame and be the spotlight of the show. Just my opinion tho

Jmunniooo W says:

Ima be watching this highlights for years real football. NFL gotten soft just put flags on them

Joe Stubblefield says:

Oh boo who let me pull out my flag and save Tom BRADYs ASS!!!! BULL SHIT NFL I BE GOOD TO IF they paying off players from fucking Brady up!!!NATIONAL Fabricated LEAGUE. OF FOOTBALL!!!! LOL( N.F.L.F)

Ralph Bretado says:

Better than NFL???? SHUT THE FFFFF UP!!!!!

sons of liberty says:

Nfl is rigged now. I can't say the players are scripted but the refs definitely throw calls. Maybe because the opened up gambling some refs family members are betting and sliding some to the side but something is going on.

Mike Mike says:

NFL lost me with the sitting

stephen maloney says:

This is not going to last if quarterback backs keep getting hit like that.

T.J. Sonic says:

Damn look at that tackle. Anyone have schedule so can watch.

Ryan O says:

Imagine getting hit so hard, your helmet falls straight down where you once stood

Tyler Horton says:

Im pretty sure nfl funds this to an extent plus and i like aaf but there season ends in april whats stopping nfl teams from drafting the stars from league

howard weitzell says:

If this would of happened in the pussy NFL…

mark Gray says:

Don't forget XFL debuts next February 2020 also 2k is partnered up with WWE so I assume that the XFL will be a 2k game

Jared Budler says:

The AAF isn't competing with the NFL. It is co-funded by the NFL. It's a place where player can develop there talent and get reps. It is worst than watching the pre-season. But hey we get Football in March and April.

Ryan Henson says:

Calm down, dude. Lol. This is the dumbest take I've ever seen. It's a developmental league. They are playing the games on the NFL Network because this is going to be like a farm system for them…

You are a fucking moron.

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