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Alliance of American Football: Week 2 Predictions

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Alliance of American Football: Week 2 Predictions. Can the AAF week 2 surpass the play and ratings from week 1? Game of the week Orlando Apollos vs the San Antonio Commanders.
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Salt Lake Stallions at Birmingham Iron Saturday, FEB 16 2 p.m. EST on TNT
Arizona Hotshots vs. Memphis Express Saturday, FEB 16 8PM EST NFL Network
Orlando Apollos at San Antonio Commanders Sunday FEB 17 4 p.m. EST CBS Sports Network
Atlanta Legends vs. San Diego Fleet Sunday FEB 17 8PM EST NFL Network

That’s Good Sports previews all of the week 2 AAF football games. The Hotshots QB John Wolford, the wolf, opinion looked like the best QB in the league. Pro Football Focus gave him the highest grade out of any player in the league. Wide receiver Rashad Ross was dominant,a end tight end Gerald Christian played mistake free football. Iron quarterback Luis Perez is already generating interest from NFL teams, and Commanders QB Logan Woodside throws the best deep ball. It looks like the Fleet will start Philip Nelson over Mike Bercovici, and Aaron Murray may start over Matt Simms for the Legends. Christian Hackenberg was bad week 1, and head coach Mike Singletary isn’t sure if Brandon Silvers will start ahead of him. Trent Richardson had the most carries for any running back in his debut. Alabama defenders Xzavier Dickson Jonathan Massaquoi, and star corner Jamar Summers, could be a challenger for Stallions QB Matt Linehan starting ahead of Josh Woodrum.

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ClayMantion says:

Beautiful as always

BoltsHockey91 says:


Dakota Huddle says:

Go Apollo’s!!

FreshTillDeath56 says:

I gotta root for the Commanders! Hard hitters and they shoot rifles after touchdowns! How cool!

name not found says:

Commanders are going 10-0 and winning the big playoff game at the end of the season!

Forrest Trump says:

If the Des Moines Demons don't win I will fucking kill myself!!!

Mylum O'Shinn says:

Big Dick Award goes to Bercovici for taking that big man hit.

TarmacTomato 677 says:

Go Apollos!

Richarizard says:

A score of 7 isn't possible lmao

Richarizard says:

Bruh why is mettenberger not in the mix for the starting qb for Memphis?

ddaley814 says:

When will the AAF be good enough to get a video game not made by EA?

Ryland Erickson of Milaca, MN says:

I predict stallions upset the Iron.

berighteous says:

you're funny when you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Blaine Sloan says:

I really like that since there’s only 4 games, you can spend more time on each game 😁👍

jose ramos says:

You're gaining more followers talking about the AAF than talking about the freaking Superbowl. Impressive Mr. Perna, impressive indeed.

Chris Hammond says:

As a LONGTIME Stallions fan (#FullSteadAhead) I have to agree Linehan maybe the best QB we have ever had. Start LINEHAN!!!!!

Las Padres says:

Stallions are associated to the packers so GO STALLIONS ima die hard fan!!

John Doe says:

If I make gay porn jerking off to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will wix host my website?

Mylum O'Shinn says:

LOL diehard Stallions fan…. hahaha…. I don't know what is more exciting…more football or Perna is up to 117,000 subs.

Matthew Garland says:

How do you get 7 points if there’s not extra points😂

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