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Are Online Masters Degree in Computer Science Good ?

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Saladmaster says:

I can binge watch your vids. Thanks Eli! Keep up the good work!

Alex gonzalez says:

Great video, thanks! I start my masters in CIT online in a week.

Junaid S. says:

Watching your videos from Pakistan.

obsolete professor says:

With the current admission scandal..hell ya those online degrees look pretty good now.

The Wiedźmin says:

First of all this man spits facts like no one else!
Secondly the best thing about college/university is to find like minded people and networking! If you think they are going to teach you stuff that you would never have learned yourself for almost free then you will be shocked!!!

Exission Exission says:

I don't need real life tips I got eli the computer guy

Kondwani Banda says:

Eli is better than most University Professors. ..I got the knowledge of a Masters degree holder by just watching his videos.

HoboTraderXAU says:

Love these Q&A videos Eli!

CiviPrepper says:

I'd recommend it. I did an online bachelors degree from a top tier University for the cost of 6k. I did it whilst working and got a nice payrise when I graduated with a first. Interestingly I got a better payrise and ROI doing my Cisco CCNA /CCNP.

Corey Lanning says:

i get paid in 2 days

Chris Spencer says:

In your opinion what should be the make up of a cs degree,
% coding
% math
% theory
% history

British Motors says:

Don’t forget “accreditation” that’s key to a real degree. You go to accredited online school it’s equivalent to in class as there’s a body to oversee. These unaccredited ones are truly useless degrees. Watch out for those promises of competency based degrees and such that are diploma mills.

JASDKA1 says:

So he didn't leave Youtube? I'm confused.

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