Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion

Attorney Ad – SNL

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Clients (Aziz Ansari, Sasheer Zamata, Melissa Villaseñor, Pete Davidson) share how they were helped by the law firm of Broderick (Kate McKinnon) & Ganz (Bobby Moynihan).

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Zen Musiclover says:

If someone gave both kidneys to my loved ones I would also feel obligated to hire them. But I don't think I would make them a partner.

editing account says:

is this how you treat indians? they are the only ones saving our education

Campbell Koschei says:

Only retards like this show

devin inman says:


Nicole Crockett says:

I love Aziz Ansari! He’s so funny! 😂😂

Ephraim Pyros Avilla says:


Tim says:

Michigan's former AG Mike Cox tampered laws and KIDNAPPED hundreds
http://www.SpeakAgainstTheCharges.com EXPOSES THE FRAUD

Ichiban Official says:

Ganz seems to be good lawyer

Hungry Bear says:

Wait he went from talking bout cement to concrete they r like really different in terms of use

Brian Buckley says:

He’s funny because he yells

Quincy Jones says:

Bobby is always hilariouis. Jsut his face

B. Lonewolf says:

Aziz should have called Saul…

digital subliminal messages says:

S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S I know y'all are gonna spit n my food/ my fault ,but no I'm not unincluding// // yeah you can / stay with the hatng// haaa/ fucking pedophiles

Snesko Kosanji says:

Don't let good Lowyer go
No kidding 😒 will get your
Money backup for nothing.
Life is low school for life 😂.
Money is for lowyer s not

Lexi Library says:

Awww man he killed me when he put that book back

Jin N Juice says:

That's some really really poorly made concrete if it took three days for it to dry.

Regina Billotti says:

"That's 1-800 Call Sam…"

165Dash says:

Dear SNL: Would you PLEASE develop a spoof trial lawyer ad along the following lines…for fictional release in a couple of months: “Did you lose a loved one to COVID-19 who watched FOX News between January 15 and March 15 2020? Were you hospitalized and are you now facing huge hospital debts after having been duped into believing FOX reporters who kept insisting that the COVID-19 pandemic was a “hoax”? Then YOU may be entitled to a huge cash award for having been the victim of lies and gross mis-reporting of the dangers and spread of the novel Coronavirus 2019. Our operators are standing by….etc”
It’s just dying to be made!

Aiden says:

Jeremy ganz: passes bar
Mind: blown

CarolinaBaby _ says:

Dude I got hit by a car while I was cycling completely messed my back up. My bitch ass lawyer got me $3000 a year later!! Everyone else I talked to that was in similar or even less situations said they back between 20-50 thousand in less than 2 months. I was so pissed. Moral OTS: PICK THE RIGHT LAWYER🤦🏽‍♂

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