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Every cyclist hates potholes in the streets. But complaining about them via the official way can be extremely time-consuming and annoying. Bureaucracy often leads to a dead end and involves a lot of paperwork. Auto-Complain offers the possibility to automate the act of demanding road renovations by using a simple app. All you need to do is to attach your Phone onto your bike for tracking its motions. When hitting a bigger pothole, your phone registers the intensity and location of the bump. These data are directly sent and stored on an online platform called www.auto-complain.com. Upon arrival at your destination, your complain ride is completed and a PDF-file, which summarizes all of your complains, is sent to the department for road repair. Another feature (of the auto-complain system) is a spray device, which is mounted to your bike. As soon as you ride over a pothole, the spray device leaves a mark on the pothole to alert other cyclists.


Berlin University of the Arts, Digitale Klasse
Prof. Joachim Sauter, Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä

Music: Asthmatic Astronaut – Run The Tape


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