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Battle Over Single Payer Remains Strong

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GUEST: Paul Song, a board-certified radiation oncologist. He is on the board of Physicians for a National Health Program, and People for the American Way. Paul is also the Healthcare Correspondent for Rising Up With Sonali and he was among 2000 doctors who recently signed a letter in support of Sanders’ single payer plan.

BACKGROUND: Years after President Obama’s signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, began being implemented, Republicans keep fighting to end it. Recently a federal judge handed the GOP a victory in striking down the insurance subsidy part of the plan as unconstitutional. Meanwhile a new study has found that the ACA, also known as Obamacare, has resulted in record low numbers of uninsured Americans.

But Obamacare is still deeply flawed for not going far enough. Far too many people aren’t able to access proper coverage and premiums are still out of reach for many. Those issues might be solved by a so-called Single Payer system, or what people call Medicare-for-All. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been one of the strongest champions of such a system. He has even succeeded in pushing his rival Hillary Clinton on the issue, who recently conceded that she might agree to let people as young as 50 sign up for Medicare.


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