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Best Compact SUVs for 2020 – Drivers Only

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Shopping for a Compact SUV in 2020? These are the Best Compact SUVs for 2020 ranked by Drivers Only. These are the best compact SUVs I’ve reviewed thus far and later this year I’ll be updating the list.

Big Thanks To These Dealerships:
Honda of Lisle: https://www.hondaoflisle.com/
The Autobarn Subaru: https://www.theautobarnsubaru.com/
The Autobarn Volkswagen: https://www.vwofchicagoland.com
Continental Toyota: https://www.continentaltoyota.com/

To see the complete list of Compact SUVs ranked, check out http://driversonlyrankings.com


Drivers Only says:

To see the complete list of Compact SUVs ranked, check out Drivers Only Rankings: http://driversonlyrankings.com

Manuel Elias says:

Im considering the rav4 prime

Alejandro Sánchez says:

Where tf is the Kona on your list?

Justin Dad says:

I'm biased as a 4-times Toyota(2)/Lexus(2) owner. I'm satisfied so I would prefer Toyota.

lukespack says:

The Toyota and the Honda stand out here.

Raj Dewan says:

I am considering the Mazda CX-5 for my next car. Not a fan of Toyota, so that's out. Honda CR-V seems like a car everyone has, I would never find my car in a mall parking lot, lol.

k h J says:

Best compact suv ? That’s funny video’s

Carl Zapotny says:

i am really surprised vw is still in buisiness in the usa they bought them selves out of trouble money talks bullshit walks.

Frank Russo says:

Volkswagen is junk they fall apart lets see this review in 3 years

tuweeew 23 says:

Crv baby!!!

The Captain says:

Drove the Toyota and Honda last week. Honda wins. Easy choice

Jack D says:

Everything is amazing and great? Come on man, give some criticism and provide some critical thinking. This feels like an ad for all models. Sleepy as hell

Colin Wood says:

I’ve been driving a Peugeot 3008 for 2 months it’s amazing makes VW look boring cannot believe what a great car it has everything

W. David says:

please remove VW from best…I Have 2018 tiguan and 2019 Atlas, they are all a piece of junk, a lot of recalls on tiguan and engine light came out 3times on atlas within first one year due to the oxygen sensor broken again and again. VW is one of the least reliable car in the states. i think many people buy VW Because they like VW's design include me, but their qualit is really poor. MOST VW CARs will have a recall within 1st year, and engine light on is the case will must happen for almost all of VW CARS. so please don't mislead for consumers, VW is not deserved for word (best), now I already sold all my VW out and buy Lexus, Lexus deserves best!!
again, VW desinger deserves a reward, but VW quality control department should step down from their position

Joe Luck says:

Panoramic bird poop shield

The Awakening says:

The Rogue exterior still looks good compared to some competitors. However, the engine is a big disappointment. It lacks power and reliability.

Ninel Balauru says:

All those C SUV s are best ? I hoped for a conclusion in the end of this video … you just tell some characteristics (very few) of each other without any conclusion

Zoe Queen says:

I vote for maz cv-5. I bought it this Sep, it is really fit all my needs, including heating seat, steering wheel heating, blind spot and the most lovely one —- apply play, very smart and safe car for lady.

Frank M says:

Did I read the dash on that tiguan correctly? 5.7 mpg?! that's pretty bad if that's correct.

Zstray17 says:

The CRV got rid of the captain chair armrest for the front row?! That is my favorite feature on mine!

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