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Best Midsize SUVs for 2020 – Drivers Only

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Shopping for a 3-Row Midsize SUV in 2020? These are the Best Midsize SUVs for 2020 ranked by Drivers Only. These are the best 3-Row Midsize SUVs I’ve reviewed thus far and later this year I’ll be updating the list.

Big Thanks To These Dealerships:
Honda of Lisle: https://www.hondaoflisle.com/
The Autobarn Subaru: https://www.theautobarnsubaru.com/
Continental Toyota: https://www.continentaltoyota.com/

To see the complete list of Compact SUVs ranked, check out http://driversonlyrankings.com


Drivers Only says:

Watch the full review videos for these 6 Midsize SUVs at http://driversonlyrankings.com

TheFinalApproach says:

All I care about is reliability and quality. I don’t give a fuck about features. The only features I need are A/C.

Justin Fontaine says:

Looked at them all and went with the CX-9. It is a premium german feeling suv that handles remarkably well. The turbo motor is fun with all that torque at the low end, is by far the best looking. Reliabilty has been great on this now 5 year old vehicle with few reported issues. If you don't need the extra space or a usable 3rd row do not over look the Mazda. You can get some good deals and was 10k cheaper than the KIA for the top trim

AMG 44 says:

Where’s the Explorer huh ?

Joel Airbnb Tour Guide says:

Toyota Sequoia

Sabba Siraj says:

Love this suv , I was a Toyota fan all my life driven Toyota for so long but I just think how pricey they are and technology still lacking in certain models , the 4 runner was my SUV to get , but for the price and technology also for the way it looks, this telluride will be my next family suv

Eli G. Palacios says:

If u thinghing keep car for long time make sure you buy extended guarantee many trips to dealer hyndai and kia! Don't last long but if u leasing will be fine

Marcos says:

After you drive the Explorer Platinum, this review is out of the window

Mr. Jingles says:

If you buy anything besides the hyundai or the kia you are doing yourself a horrible disservice, nothing comes close to them, well the Genesis will but again it's still pretty much the same vehicles.

Noah Lee says:

2:43 "more masculine" haha.

MEROIN says:

I rode in a Telluride through uber. It was very nice. It's still a Kia though

marly says:

Toyota reliability and safety In my humble opinion. Plus I just got the 2020 so I need to justify how ugly the front is ROFL.😁😁

Michael zebley says:

Thanks. I’ll be in the market this summer.

vishwav20 says:

Hey man if I had to have the safest car with those ventilated seats and hassle free maintenance which would you recommend?

Mr M M says:

The Mazda CX-9 the best in my own personal opinion

james White says:

No surprise, no American and German car made it.

AdussFadass says:

These are Crossovers.

Gus Morales says:

I’ll keep my VW Atlas. 2 years and no problems

Danielle says:

mid size is 5 seat

JMalik Lewis says:

When a vehicle first hit the market you have alot of issues with it the Palisade probably junk !!

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