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Best of Semi Trucks Drag Racing 2017

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Jennica Hamilton says:

And they failed my car for 8 ppm of NOx on my emissions inspection…..

Dewayne Miguel says:

This is a great video on how not to treat your truck ,bet they won't go a million miles without a break down like my last peterbuilt

Yo It's me, Dawg says:

I cant scroll the comments because of people complaining about the fumes.

Rawler94 says:

Everyone calm your tits, man made global warming is a hoax and a tax scam.

Jackson_ Lawz says:

The earth hates these videos the most

CLD_Truth says:

3:39 when bae says she’s home alone.

hyperdriverr says:

Truck races are like catnip for white people lol.

mayhem Mike says:

Torque & rollin coal💪😠

Asima Nasir says:

There is too carbonmonoxide which can kill a person

stover77 says:

Everyone there now has cancer.

Andrew says:

Lol a single layer of concrete blocks and metal barriers ain't gonna stop those beasts from killing people.

Nature Valley says:

This is some smokey and the bandit $hit ,but I do enjoy it…

Hasty Hemi says:

3:15 Bob motz jet truck 🤟🏻😎🤟🏻 I got the pleasure of watching him run in person. Very cool!

Quintus Aurelius Symmachus says:

The only kind of drag shows you should be taking your kids to.

Keeper of the SKITTLES says:

I want to be the person standing in the middle of the two semis, but i would probably orgasm and fall to my knees.

Karson Lorick-Sampson says:

Its crazy they have so much power that they need those trailers

Perry Branham says:

How could you stand there all day breathing this crap in? I'd get a major headache.

Blastable says:

Pffft, rednecks

Santiago Hernandez says:

Haha wtf, those things are so slow😂 a 2018 Prius is faster than all of them😂

Dinka 43 says:

canada Quebec

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