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Best of South American animals | Top 5 | BBC Earth

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From the raging rivers of Patagonia to the dry canyons of Brazil, South America has some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet. Join us as we explore the hidden wonders of this incredible continent.
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Beautifull. We have somany goats

Lady Wolf says:

The horse being "tamed" was not wild, but she was pregnant ..

nvte6797 says:

man I wish I had a cute female after me like that!

Adam says:

Hey look it's me 7:28

Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile says:

Aw meow! 🐱

NTT Pariwisata & Traditional says:


Jafar Jafarkoya says:

maasaa allaah

Mobi Ashique says:

Owsm video 🥰🥰🥰

Amber Powers says:

I feel bad for the duck:(

burymeinpink says:

The first guy's voice was so soothing but I was so worried about the duckling, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Clayton Paisley says:

The horse clip was breathtaking. My husband grew up on a ranch in Montana with 30+ horses and has helped his father do groundwork on many and break quite a few. He says this guy would be making big money living in the states with these skills.

Moe Omer says:

Anyone heard that SpongeBob laughter at 10:18

Burco Love says:

It is very sad she lost her babies to this
Creature 😟

Mohamed Farouk says:

We haven't seen the horse jumping and kicking as we usually see with untamed horses.

Mohamed Farouk says:

Which crocodile speeches that otters can't take down?

Mohamed Farouk says:

She's come into estrous.

Xiongjie LIU says:

Hard to believe no tapirs nor jaguars. Maybe they are chosen for another clip…

Hariharan Venkataramani says:

Fascinating video – thanks to the creators!
1. Ducks and ducklings at white-water rafting
2. Capuchins and their (unique/intimate) ways of life
3. Guanaco fighting for dominance (+ their deadly targeted bites)
4. Giant river otters subjugating Caiman!
5. Wild Patagonian horses getting tamed by the Gaucho!

lordofgangstas says:

“No one knows why they do it” Well it’s pretty bloody obvious why, isn’t it? To supplement their diet with minerals they aren’t eating enough of?

Hanzy Krupps says:

Dumb otters got their cubs killed. 🤣

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