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Boban Marjanović Retrieves Basketball With Broomstick, Saves The Day Two Games In A Row

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Boban showed off his reach in back-to-back games as he helped retrieve a stuck basketball with a broomstick.

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Give Aways are A lie. no one ever gets nothing says:

what are the chances of this happening twice in one game

atlanta176 says:

Legend says he beat Brian Scalabrine 1 on 1

T Rocka says:

Dude gave John Wick a run for his money. Glad the surgery went ok 👍

BrokeCarFan says:

15k added to his paycheck

Daniel Cox says:

I love Boban

Gnothaev Scheautonikova says:

nice and humble person…

James White says:

Bring out the brooms before playoffs how cliche

igbatious says:

0:47 In house announcer, "BOBI!"

Julio Guillen says:

Brings back that middle school high school days playing ball and the ball gets stuck between the rim and the backboard. We either build a man latter, use a stick, or use your shoe lol 😂

Talha Barut says:

The only thing that can defeat boban is a book

LostLakeTribune says:

Release the Boban!

Gmoney BOT!!! says:

Boban’s such a character man

trash _boi88 says:

0:48 kobe

feonfire says:

Boban finds a way to save the day.

Nicholas Gonzales says:

He nailed a 3 moments later

ALT says:


Kevin Matthew says:

The 2nd time it happens
Everyone : "oh no, here we go again"
JJ reddick : "yo i got this! Boban boi, it's your time to shine again!" 😂

Chris Valdez says:

And then he crawled back under his bridge

Ako Si George says:

Dallas court is using cheat.

Jamar Williams says:

Boban is like your dad helping you reach your LEGO set on the shelf when you’re young lmao

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