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British Education System | Britain Explained

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In my brand new series ‘Britain Explained’ I guide you through the different aspects of British culture. Today we’re looking at the British education system and how we learn in Britain. We’ll look at the different types of schools and examinations.

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ebine santos says:

We have “faith” schools and university as in private schools ran by a nearby church.
I'm dizzy. You lost me after Secondary School. 😭

Sumant Singh Yadav says:

I from india and same system with very very very low quality in state schools……

Latisha Hills says:

I am Trinidad and Tobago. Our Faith Schools are called Denomination Schools. At the end of Standard 5 we do SEA. At the end of Form 5 Secondary School, we do CESEC. We also have A Levels.

Elle Tarent says:

Thank You, so helpful!!

RogueTrooper says:

load of bollocks what about religious schools? schooling is till 18 ure rubbish

Amber Cairney-Witter says:

I’m British and went to primary, middle and high school.

duong vu says:

thanks a lot :))))

Dat_thicc_boi says:

I’m a special human who went to a Roman catholic primary school and a grammar school 😂

Michaela Zitová says:

I am from Czech Republic. I have to tell, that I have just understood you perfectly- and that is amazing for me (as for 17-years-old girl). And also you have helped me with this complicated educational system- I had been struggling with it almost 3 hours. I really appreciate your vidios, so thanks Xdd.

Abdala Abdi says:

I M want school i am from somali how can I get education in uk

Gimena Pedernera says:

hi tom.
i'm from Argentina. here the education is quite similar to the British.let me explain. we have hear kinder garden since the baby have 3 months till 3. that is optional is free. then you pass to the school since 4 years to finish secondary school is obligatory. 4 and 5 years old is kinder garden. since 6 to 11/12 primary school. then secondary school for 5 or 6 years more you ende at the age of 17/18. then you choose what to do. what university want to go and subcribed. you pass a adaptacion like a month and you are at the level to study in the university. is everything free the education. but if you have the possibility to pay you can do also. but it free the education since you have 3 months of age until you graduate from university. if you want to have a master or doctor you have to pay two years more.
I've been studying English teacher trainning colleage since 2016 and i actualy in 3rd year. i stayed 5 years and now and in the 3rd year of the carrear. it cost me a lot. but here, we have the possibility to study the time that we need to be graduated. for example if the carrear you choose its about 4 years of duration you also have another 4 years extra to graduate. its mean you have8 years till 10 to become a graduate student. and you dont have to pay anything. education in argentina is free, like health, hospital also are free.
i hope you understand my English. as i said i performing and countinuing trainning.
best wishes.

美女 says:


Aurél' Juju says:

Thank you! I'm studying English culture for school, so your videos help me a lot. Since I've learnt so much thing about schools in China, Switzerland or Vietnam (thank you all!), I would say a few words about French school system (and since I haven't found any other answer talking about it). So: in France, school is compulsory for everyone at the age of 6, until you're 16. But you can be at "classe maternelle" since you're 3. Then, at the age of 6, you attend "CP", where you learn how to write and read. "CP" is the beginning of "école primaire", which is the equivalent for English primary school. In France, there are private school and public school, both can be state funded, but private ones less than public ones, which are free. This system of private and public school is the same for "l'école primaire", "le collège" (that you attend when you're 11"), and "le lycée" (that you attend when you're 15). They are all under a national curriculum, and there isn't any faith school because the state is supposed to be fair toward everyone and secular, but some écoles primaires and collèges propose religous education ("catéchisme", catholic).
At the end of "collège", you pass a national exam: "le brevet", which has not a real value, but it's the first one.
Then you can go to a "lycée général", where you can learn general subject (mathematics, literature, Economy,…) , or a "lycée technique", where you begin to learn more specific subjects in a more pratical way. You can also go to a "lycée professionnel", where you can begin to learn a true job. You can also do shorter studies which are more Professional.
At the end of the "lycée", you pass another national exam, le "Baccalauréat (or BAC)". It's a more important one, that you write down your CV and can be a "must have" to attend higher education, "les études supérieures". Then you can go to university (when you're 18), or do a more practical cursus, it depends on how long you wanna continue studying or not. Some students leave school when they are 16, or just after passing "le BAC".
We have an equivalent for English grammar school, that's "les classes préparatoires", for the most academic students, after their BAC. These classes prepare them to take exams to attend the biggest schools (for ingineers, veterinaries, commercials…). The biggest are Polytechnique (for ingineers), the ESSEC or HEC (commercial schools) or ENS (Ecole Normal Supérieure, for MANY subjects, google it if you want to learn more, because my comment began to be really long).
Voilà! Than you for reading, hope you learn something too!

Sid B says:

Sir for ninth standard what is the syllabus??

Poppy Mae says:

the system is rubbish.

Muhammad Ferdaus says:

in Bangladesh Compulsory education belongs with primary level (Grade 1-5) and its free to all. We have public and private institution in every level.Generally our education are divided in 3 stream, School/Alia Madrasah, Qawmi Madrasah & English Medium Schools.

Level of education in our country starts with
primary (5 yrs)
secondary (5 yrs)
higher secondary (2yrs)
graduation (4 yrs)
post graduation (2 yrs)

However, Polytechnic institute and MATS, IHT run with their specialized curriculum.

Mohit Vora says:

Hi ,I have a question- Are the GCSE exams taken by everyone or the ones who go to comprehensive schools? What kind of exams do students at Grammar school and modern school take when they are 16?

Mohit Vora says:

Hi ,I have a question- Are the GCSE exams taken by everyone or the ones who go to comprehensive schools? What kind of exams do students at Grammar school and modern school take when they are 16?

Bebe's World Wright says:

Thank you for the information as I've always had questions about the UK educational system. I'm in America and have a Post-bacculaurate degree in communications or a Master's degree here in the US.


I live in England and both my kids started school when they were 4 not 5, I thought 4 was compulsory to start reception, is it not?

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