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But what do cars *really* cost?

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Blog post: http://www.anotherplaceforme.com/1/post/2014/02/before-debating-how-much-to-invest-in-transit-lets-talk-about-the-elephant-that-goes-vroom.html

I didn’t fully notice cars in North American cities until they were gone. After returning from a year abroad, I could appreciate how cars shaped our cities in a way that they didn’t need to. More importantly, I began to see all the assets in my city that could be taken advantage of if we started accounting for cars fairly, and sharing automobile terrain with other uses.

By building our cities for cars, we don’t give other modes of transportation a chance. That means we don’t give people that rely on those modes, or prefer those modes much of a chance either. In this video, I hear from urban scholar Dr. Yves Bourgeois on how calculating the real cost of cars helps us make better decisions on how to invest in transportation and how to allocate urban space.


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