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Cops Get OWNED By Lawyer!!

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Cops Get OWNED By Lawyer!!
Cop gets told off by lawyer lol
police try and illegally detain a lawyer who knows the law
5 Police 1 Lawyer (Police Get Owned When Trying To Abuse Their Rights!)

So he asks for a subpoena then he backs out of it to try to make them look like they are detaining him for no reason , this isn’t a game respect the police and let them do there job


TurkeyMaze says:

What a fucking baby. Those poor cops.

Kevin Carroll says:

Faggot pos pigs

The Name Chris says:

I mean he did record the video and he didn’t even walk away so he did get what he deserved and raised his voice and wasn’t even calm. Cops were very calm and this guy wasn’t

Chad w says:

honestly never met a good cop…. never, not once…. maybe one day i will

Chad w says:

stop fucking cops, sleeping with them, stop putting them on pedestal. cops are employees not authority. they are not above you…. It there was a school to be above people, dont you think everyone would apply…

90 IQ retarded cops

потерял says:

Always record police interactions that way if they violate your rights like they were attempting to do in this video, you can have it on record.

xander Z says:

Ffs lawyers do not have time to lose with this kinda crap, this is not a lawyer

Darkcrow14 says:

He never asked for a subpoena, he told them they needed one of they wanted his phone. What dont they get?

Shrigis says:

Work out ahead of time how you're going to protect recordings on your phone. Cloud backups and lock screen passcodes are a must. My phone requires a patter unlock or fingerprint after a reboot, so my plan would be to immediately power off my phone if I think they're gonna take it.

I respect good cops. Most cops are good. These ones were not.

Mike Jones says:

Corruption at its finest, than they wonder y ppl shot cops

M PB says:

If you were black you'd been tackled

Eric Sarason says:

The guy they arrested more than likely did something before the video started.

Oni__TV says:

America ah freedom, full with corrupt cops

saggoh says:

What the hell is up with that video description, the uploader doesn't seem to know where he stands with regards to individual liberty? Get it right, buddy.

John McDiarmid says:

How about I give the video of you thugs arresting someone to the local Fox News channel? They will put it on at 11 o’clock, and all you thugs can view it then.

Daily Dosage Overdose says:

“I don’t know you tell me”
Lmfao priceless

Daily Dosage Overdose says:

They’re so hurt when you say no

Beth the introvert says:

If I've learned anything from Orange is the new black cops are pigs not all but alot abuse there power

Randy Bobandy says:

Imagine this conversation if he was black.

saggoh says:

They intimidated him, unlawfully said to him that he can't say. What is this a lawless land? Get off his back and mind your own business, that cop was a worthless person and needs to be fined for his behavior there. What in the heck, this is NOT ok!

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