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Cyburban Make Your Own Adventure!

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Pitch video for Startup Chile

Music by Josh Woodward.

Hi, I’m Ari, the Game Master. Hi, I’m Andrew, the Game Builder. Hi, I’m Felipe, the Game Executor. And, we’re the founders of Cyburban.

Our team of seven [2 new members joined us recently] has a total industry experience of 35 years in events marketing, media and advertising, 20 years in business development, and 11 years in Internet-based technology development. Felipe is cofounder in 3 startups since 2010. Andrew has worked on 8 startup projects. Ari has been working full-time in 2 startups since 2012.

The Urban Adventure Racing industry has a very big SCALABILITY problem: the more challenges you put, the more staff you need to hire. And, unless they gain celebrity status, tour guides have no cost-effective way of SCALING their business.

Marathons and fun-runs are easier to organize, there’s just one track for all runners, a couple of check points, and no need for fun challenges. Quite boring!

Cyburban changes that. Now, you can add interactive features like puzzles, riddles, QR code scans, GPS check-ins, location-based trivia, and Internet-based challenges without additional personnel.

With Cyburban, chilenos & chilenas can create and sell their own personalized tours on the app. So, Cyburban promotes local entrepreneurship and tourism at the same time.

Chile has the highest smart phone penetration in Latin America at 30% with both Mexico and Argentina at 20%. Whereas the adventure tourism market is at $263 billion in 2012 with 40.4% coming from South America. But, as a region, Latin America has then lowest mobile ad spend in the world at 0.6% with Africa & Middle East at 1.2%.

Cyburban, thru location-based brand engagement and mobile event sponsorship, can help Chile take regional leadership in mobile marketing.

Por favor, bring Cyburban to Chile!


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