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ENGLISH SPEECH | SHAKIRA: Education Changes the World (English Subtitles)

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Learn English with Shakira. The pop star, who has been championing children’s right to education through her Barefoot Foundation, shared the significant changes that happened in the lives of children and families since her organization started building schools in the most remote areas of her home country Columbia. In this Speech, she also quotes: “I realized that most of the issues children faced in my country have something to do with the lack of their access to quality education. For me, it became crystal clear that education is the sure way to give all these children the best fighting chance in life.” – Watch with big English subtitles.

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sağlam düşüncə says:

Shakira ❤ from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🙏

Medhat 25 says:

English conversation with someone?

Eser Kizilay says:

"Education is Thé Great equalizer".
this sentence influenced me deeply💟💗💜it is one Of The best speech ı have heard in this channel…

Karen Kumar Goutam says:

Funtastik Sarika singar Am from India

Prem Kr Verma says:

Awesome voice
Clear timing subtitles
Thanks for this

videos莫同春 says:

My favorite speech so far

rifat mahbub says:

Love you Shakira

Madhab Nepal says:

Sakira speech is realy education part

Je Mom says:

I am fan Shakira from Cambodia.

Shivani Rajput says:

Education means….change in behaviour……if u r not a good human being…..education is worthless…..

sarah lam says:

1:54 "inaction"….but not " in action " totally different meaning

Bhimkoli Koli says:

Appreciated😊 Done excellent job ma

Orange P.M says:

Kudos to shakira

Budi Susatyo says:

It stands to reasons that I like good education which can make people humanitarian and friendly, familiar with the others. So, I love you Shakira and your organization. Hope success always attend you, families and friends. Amen

Rahimgul Mohammadi says:

Thanks, it's really nice words for English learners. I understood it very clearly, whatever she says in her talks it has really nice meaning & understandable for everyone.

Nagurbabu Nandyala says:

You are really great medam.


Education is the the thing who learns how to play in our Life

Landa Ramesh says:

She said amazing

Jayanta Dutta says:


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