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Every video of Grant Gustin singing

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this is for myself lol I don’t own anything
update: His “Running home to you” in the Duet episode of The Flash 3×17 is not in here because of copyright reasons that made me take it down AND summer nights AND stand


Ali Baba says:

Finally Grant got to tap dance on The Flash

Ari Chan` says:

Melissa and Grant blew to this, to SuperGirl and Flash who are the best super friends anyone will ever see.

Lauren Evereen says:

6:18 Kurt is me at every test, quiz, question and interrogation I've ever been part of

Stuey Griffith says:

faggot…. i hope a stalker slits his throat soon. 😋

Travis Silvers says:

There were more clips of the Flash singing that u didn’t add. But it was still awesome to see more of Grants singing

Demi Kid says:

I know the two people that played the Cello's they have a YouTube channel and they are really good

Ult3 - says:

I think the reason why everyone prefers Grant over Ezra because Ezra didn’t really get any cool or honorable scenes in the justice league…. WE NEED A FLASH MOVIE

Ult3 - says:

It’s weird knowing Grant can actually sing…. and he’s the flash

TheOnlyThunder says:

There are a lot of flash vs glee comments here so let’s just end this because GRANT GUSTIN IS AMAZING!

Rekt CSL says:

Like IF Barry aka Grant Gustin is better then Justin Biber

Ruby Tanisa says:

Yeah I like super girl better then super man lol and it’s not because I’m a female too!

Ana Malenia says:


MyMonsterDK says:

What about the karaoke night in the flash

Mr. Avocado The Great! says:

Ok, Duet was the best episode ever!! Because it was like a glee reunion!
Daren Chris (Blaine)
Grant gustin (Sebastian)
And Melissa Benoist (Marley)

It’s amazing

Victoria Cavallo says:

I love him❤

Victoria Cavallo says:


gamergirl172 says:

Wanna watch now…🤤🤔This is unnatural

Avalon Hollister says:

I just started crushing on him and now.. woah. HE’s MARRIED, I’M BACKING UP

back to Draco Malfoy 🤗

Caitlyn Guerra says:

Personally my all time favorite is Caitlin and Barry singing Summer Nights

Bree Hairston says:

I forgot he was in glee oml 😂😂🥰🥰❤

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