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Family Business – Tears of Fire

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Music video for song “Tears of fire” by Family Business.

Music / Words by Family Business
Drawing / Animation / Editing / Sound design by Filippo Morini
Directed by Filippo Morini

Characters and backgrounds made with Adobe Photoshop
Animated with Harmony Toon Boom and Adobe Photoshop

All sound effects from Freesound.org

Short Film Breaks 2018 – Bronze Elephant

Sixth Sense Horror Film Festival – INDIA 2018
Jecheon International Music&Film Festival 2018
Sacalacalaca Interdimensional Horror Sci-Fi Festival 2017
ReAnimania Int. Animation Film & Comics Art Festival of Yerevan 2017
Versi di Luce 2018
Cefalù Film Festival 2018
Cartoon Club 2018
Voghera Film Festival 2017
Vid&Sound 2018
Corti Sonanti 2018
Bit Bang Fest 2018
ANIM’EST International Animation Film Festival 2018
Napoli Film Festival 2018
Festival of Terror 2018

©2017 All rights reserved

During the making of this video I spent a good amount of nights working in my bedroom till dawn.
I usually put on some movies and tv series I already watched to create some background noise while working, using a laptop sitting next to my main screen.
At some point I decided to go straight through all 6 seasons of Breaking Bad for the second time and that’s probably what most influenced the New Mexico-like landscapes of Tears of Fire.
While the idea of a girl driving alone in the desert comes from The Cardigans’ “My favourite game” music video, which is one of my favourite music videos ever.
“Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz was also a major influence, but that’s kind of obvious I guess.
For what concerning the character design, my main references were Jamie Hewlett, Robert Valley and Max Fleischer.


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