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[FUNNIEST ANIMALS 2019] Funny and Cute Animal Videos Compilation 2019 – Try Not To Laugh 2019

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B. Chan says:

We dont deserve them

Gyro says:

5:16 ilmango intro.

ngân bảo says:


meghuz chippuz says:

that donkey is my sister

Astro363 says:

I didn’t lagh

Jehielle Lopez says:

🥰💗💗💗💗 so cutee

Louis Nonya says:

Why do you put a picture of a fish that swallow a dog but dont show that video

Thúy Yazaki Mp says:

những chú mèo dễ thương quá

Jaspreet Kaur says:

So nycc all

shivank shukla says:

That look 2:14



Galaxy FoxDJ says:


Mimi Randoms says:

The kitty at the start was so cute I died

Ines Laourari says:

The last one (dog trying to save fish) is not funny at all !

N.E.S._ Gamer says:

That's some nail got me a little scared that was kind of a bad thumbnail for such a cute video

Ax Thamar says:

the last one specually soo cute! if animals can care for each other what can humans add on it ??

marvis tv says:

Cute☺☺☺ and ffffuuunnnyyy😅😅

Thi Ngoc Tuyen Thai says:

2:38 😂😂

Isha Doll says:

i aint never laughed sooo hard!!! @4:16 that dog felt lied to!!! xD

Alexader Walker says:

The first one I honk the cat was in heat

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