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Funny Animals ; Funny video

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It’s too funny
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Thank you
but sometimes it made me sad…..馃槩馃槩馃槩

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Funny animals part 2 —— 馃槅

Another website ———–

Parrot steals cat food —- credited
Dog sledge —- credited

Kangaroo Pushes Man Into Water
cat Pushes Chair From Under Sitting Man聽


Fun Camp says:

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AMY Shields says:

Hope these young ladies get the HELP THEY NEED, SOON. MAY GOD BLESS THEM AND KEEP THEM.

luna luna says:

Q pesar de los animales encadenados. Eso no me parece gracioso.

Sonuf Mahn says:

0:52 3:57

*karan singh rathore * says:

3:40 is from India…. I too from India…. If I can find this criminal… I'll tame him with much shorter chain wt my toilet pipe for life..


so superb n very funny

Benjamin Caseres says:

Que mierda me importa las propagandas estos hijos de puta no te dejan ver el v铆deo

Sue Guy says:

The thing that done this to this poor animal needs to be shot or hung or even tourched for this and there not even human for doing this 2 the poor dog i hope the dog survived and the person gets its jail plus pay for what it done to this poor animal hate u

blm50881 says:

blocked your channel for click bait

Manuel Flores Zoto says:

You dont show anithing

Sayma Shahjahan says:

1.04 Tom and Jerry

thurram sunil kumar says:

Foreigners animal lovers

Thu Chau says:


Kristen Scott says:

Raccoons with their little skinny arms and little hands give me the willies but they're also cute

Dayzir Hughes says:

Who keeps a rat as a pet thats nasty.

Antonio Ferrara says:

Respect aux animaux.
L'humain est idiot car ils se croivent plus intelligent que les animaux.

Dulce Paiva says:

Very humanized animals.

Onur Gen莽t眉rk says:

1:34 hahaha

Yasmeen Shahida says:

Uploader deserves to be hit by stick .SHAHID M BALOCH.

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