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Funny Animals playing dead on finger shot compilation

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Brandon Creati’n says:

Man: pew pew pew cat: I am dead :p. LOL 😂

Umatilla 5000 says:

I’m innocent! I’m innocent! 0:48

AngeloPlayz Stuff says:

Why do u have to make them bilge they are dead but the vid is still funnny

Aleksandar Radic says:

I dint have a cat but I have a cat who's distrakt sooo my mom have water in the bucket of water and she spill on the cat

Gabby lil' country folk says:

1:43 is my personal favorite

Jacob Gaming! says:

0:30 sir meows alot

j baby says:

i tried this with my dog he sniffed my finger and walked away

dead chamber ruiz says:

That is sooooo cute

McKenzie Lee says:

This is so funny I watch it every day

Maggie Rackley says:

Omg! 0.28 they own a mini Toothless!!!

Jeremiah Gemone says:

I love its a cute video

Drift Fortnite says:

1:44 was super funny

Jessica Michalak says:

This isn’t funny that my opinion sorry don’t get mad but I think it crel

elisuxhuku Free Fire says:

0:28 so cute 😊

Alex Bob 1 says:

0:52 Was my fav part

Anh Tuan Ngo says:

Is it a prank or real dead ???????

Arnold Yadao says:

0:55 is my favorite part and best actor

Ice Cream Blue says:

I didn't know that hamster are good of acting fake dead

Twitch_XZR427 says:

0:52 best actor lol funny too

Da Beast says:

i bet half of them are just sleepy

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