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Game Grumps Best of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

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Arin and Dan have finally finished the Phoenix Wright Trilogy. Well, 1/3 of the trilogy. I’m not 100% sure if they’ll complete the other 2, I really hope they do, but in the mean time enjoy This compilation of game #1.
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Dinomatrix21 says:

Turntable Turnabout.

Kitt Monroe says:

Look inside the evidence

Mooparr says:

Why did they not play the 5th one

Amanda M says:

Has anyone ever checked if there’s actually a lake 80 miles from Santa Fe?

ToniPepperoni says:

I’m painting while listening to this on my headphones and the FBI part at 1:23:05 starts playing and I screamed and laughed so hard I cried

Ike Beckman says:

Is that mf Katy perry in the audience at 1:08:53??

Scott Imgarten says:

I really hope they finish the rest of the series. Must have more Penix Wright…
Edit: Never rule 34 Phoenix Wright unless you're prepared, I.Was.Not.

lanana-na says:

these moments had me deceased omfg dfghj

Audrey Arbs says:

damn. i thought that beeping was my damn microwave

Elvin Mateo says:

damn shes got some big ass titties LOL (Maya) is that ok in a pheonix wright game??? xD

BTAL1ama says:

Am I going crazy-game-theory here or do antagonists in this game wear pink? I mean not Vasquez, but she didn't mean to kill Hammer? Ok and not Von Karma and Edgeworth wears red but he kinda crosses over OK and Sahwit is wearing light-ish red BUT I SWEAR THERE'S A TREND HERE

Jacob Kittrell says:

lets say for the sake of argument that Maya is over 18. if her and Phoenix were dating and they get to the making love part of the relationship. What if Maya accidently channelled Mia?….

Lumas825 says:

18:17 Wait. He actually DOES have eyes?! I thought they were always, like, shaded out thanks to his hat so that he didn't have any remarkable characteristics…

🎵The More You Know🎵

Sketch UT says:

Splash went the Robert


Tic Tac: The Queen Of Popping Popcorn says:

Me, a Danganronpa fan: hehe this is easy as hell, give me a harder case then I will be happy

I regret my life choices says:

Yeah I play Ace Attorney for the plot

P- Mia's
L- Big
O- Ol'
T- Baps

McDiviDubDonalds MkWii says:

I'm honestly impressed that the Grumps didn't get a single in-court penalty. Simply because it's the Grumps.

Lady Caiti says:

37:01 that never fails to make me snort uncontrollably. One time I thought about it in the middle of choir and I thought I was going to die

lofix says:

I’m so curious if they would ever play DANGANRONPA, it’s so silly that I feel they’d love it

Pixel Berry says:

"Pow" went the gun.
"Splash" went the Robert.

This part killed me.

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