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George Carlin – The Only Reason to watch Auto Racing

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niemaszglowy says:

no, but seriously. you all should rethink some aspects of your life if you genuinely enjoy watching several cars riding in a circle for hours.

Dharmavid Francis says:

Fuck'em. they paid to get in Remove the catchfences!

jackelracer593 says:

remember the old 1st Generation youtube comment section(s)

Justin Garcia says:

Here is the difference. WWE is fake, Nascar isn't

Robert Woods says:

Nascar is as interesting as watching grass grow.
now WWE thats entertainment.

rick kulmann says:

this would be good for the nascar on saturday feb 23rd 2013

Dennis Bowen says:

Awesome man…Couldve been a bit more extreme and would not have offended me. He is a hell of a comedian and will always be a part of my childhood (Thomas)

ErikZarins2 says:

oh yeah really funny dumbass

ErikZarins2 says:

im a nascar fan and i approve this
but as an indycar fan i dont

Bloodmalak says:

@UNpilot15 Ah damnit! Forgot about that.

UNpilot15 says:

@Ninspec never watched Grand-AM Road Racing much, I take it?

Bloodmalak says:

@UNpilot15 US racing in general is left turns with the occasional right. Besides rallies WRC and such with a little bit of F1, crashes are the only reason to watch em!

prsaxeman says:

@getalife67 They might be "brainless" but they might also know the difference between "where" and "wear".

UNpilot15 says:

To all NASCAR fans watching this video, I'm a NASCAR fan and wasn't offended. Why? Because he's being sarcastic! Stop trying to defend NASCAR, and just learn to take a joke like a good American can! Geez!

UNpilot15 says:

@HeyYoKillEmo Indy Car does oval racing, too you know. For all we know, he could be referring to Indy Car.

mjrpes says:

RIP Dan Weldon. George Carlin was the first thing that came to mind when I heard about this.

Nick Bonk says:

love the first line

TonyShow82 says:

That's why The Final Destination was so bad-ass, I think of this man when I watch the scene where there was a 20 race car pile up on the track and many people got killed.

Ratgrot says:

the hell are you on?

Reggis420 says:

@tyler0896 You're one weird dude.

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