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Glacier Grizzles

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This is a short clip of the micro wildlife documentary about two Grizzly Bears in Glacier National Park.

While brown bears have a stable global population of around 200,000 and a stable North American population of 57,000 (97% of which are found in Canada/Alaska) the grizzles in the lower 48 have lost 95% of their range and are highly vulnerable to a lack of genetic diversity. While environmentalists celebrated British Columbia’s decision to ban bear trophy hunting just over a week ago, this year the Trump Administration has already removed federal protection for grizzles in Alaskan wilderness preserves and in Yellowstone NP (which only has a population of 800). Luckily the two bears in the clip above are part of the population of 700 within the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem which still places them under federal protection via the Endangered Species Act. However the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently planning to delist this population as soon as next summer which could open up these animals to trophy hunting and habitat loss.


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