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Glitter Girls Pageants | Original Themes – Full Glitz

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We’ve taken a few clips from some of our Glitter Girls Pageants and created a montage of beautiful girls competing for the crowns. The catchy tune is bay Amber Mcbubbles Barbell. As she says at our beauty pageants, the girls “look their best from head to toe!” The difference with Glitter Girls Pageants is we focus on original themes and full glitz. We were recorded for Toddlers and Tiara’s in February. This was our awesome Bollywood themed pageant. The girls had fun and we all can’t wait to see ourselves next season. Glitter Girls is the pageant system to try. We’ve had themes like “Paris is Burning,” “Pageant Wars and Pageant Wars 2,” The crowns and cash Megathon,” which was our cash studded Mini-Nationals, “Dynasty” and our “Valentines day extravaganza” We love full glitz. We honestly believe that pageants are supposed to have more hair, flippers, extravagant props, and over the top routines. Our pageants are never boring and our Director or judges are never rude. Our host is one of a kind and he along with our excellent music keeps the tempo on hyper drive! Our stages and set ups get exponentially better with each pageant. We’ve become experts at this in record time! To top it off, we are always 100% fair and our prices are lower than many other pageant systems out there. This video displays how much fun a girl can have at Glitter Girls Pageants!


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