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Guess My Level of Education | Lineup | Cut

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Guess My Level of Education | Lineup | Cut

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Cut says:

We're making a Lineup game! Sign up for updates: http://bit.ly/lineup-game

Sage Elizabeth says:

that girl in the dress is makin me cringeee

LifeOfDyme says:

Lmaooo “addey”

Brady Robinson says:

Honestly idk why the plaid pants girl got offended when he guessed sex trade every question he asked just made it more and more obvious🤦🏼‍♂️😅

Charmayne Lam says:

I feel bad for the suit guy. It’s just that his suit is a little loose and his hair slightly unkempt

Rex Ian Pahang says:

Ha! Nice question about cohort

Pia Berni says:

Dante looks like this guy that might has a PHD in math but still has a conspiracy youtube channel on youtube. 😂😂😂

Sini Keinänen says:

i have to wake up in less than seven hours and i'm here watching all line ups eww

BageutteetCheese says:

"you are like a PHD b!tch" that shoulda been the intro LMAO

GreenGiant says:

7:17 you just have huge arms…

GreenGiant says:

7:03 you are bitch of humanity..

Brittany Hammel says:

The magician guy wouldn't look like a magician if he got a haircut and wore suits that actually fit him.

GreenGiant says:

1:48 i wanna punch that freaks face sooo hard….

GreenGiant says:

Disgusting freak show..bring those girls that look like boys to middle east to walk in streets..

Oussama Hafdoune says:

i don't understand how gay people act more feminin than girls knowing that they got more man hormon than girls tf

Xhesina Hajdini says:

the girl in the yellow outfit judging is on a episode of odd man out jubilee (rappers )

Bryana Atkins says:

I literally needed a gabi and blimes video

dropTop Salvador says:

fr tho Angie can get it

Svenja 08 says:

I love how she said „we‘re talking education“ lmaoo

Kenneth Lang says:

Were they all told to be the meanest person themselves to harsh on others? Damn they assholes lol

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