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HD, 4 Mbit/s, downloadable, BRITISH, decorative fine art print animation, circa1825, Royal Horticultural Society, Crocus

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VISUAL AMBROSIA™ is a new style of video entertainment created from digital art scans, not from motion picture cameras.

To best appreciate the Visual Ambrosia™ difference, it’s best to download the full high resolution quality version to your desktop, to watch.

Extremely high resolution digital scans of fine art, 19TH CENTURY ERA, prints, animated into video, entertain viewers in a unique way. Only the scan-to-video animation process can depict these decoratively surprising, extreme zoom magnification transitions. Specifically, the crisply focused graphic progressions, that materialize in Visual Ambrosia™ video programs, engage, memorably. Viewers, keen for observing detail, enjoy watching the movies, over and over.

Visual Ambrosia™ movies target viewers inclined to appreciate decoration closely, as well as incidental viewers simply noticing the satisfactory appeal of intelligible, colorfully lively decoration. Visual Ambrosia™ movies raise the bar for sustained decorative appeal, with superior, commercially effective ambience, when displayed in hospitality, healthcare, and transportation settings.

Visual Ambrosia™ movies will soon be AVAILABLE, globally, in various distribution channels. A) as VOD download (at MUCH lower prices than iTunes or usual outlets) for purchase to be stored on your desktop, or stored in the cloud, and B) viewable
on broadcast and subscription channels and Digital Signage closed circuit channels (with or without commercials) offering Visual Ambrosia™ programs in various markets, domestically in the US, and abroad. Contact us, to receive pre-announcements when available.

Visual Ambrosia™ programs will be available as short form (ten minutes), long form (50 minutes), and feature length (100 minutes).

Individually customizable, VOD individual download purchases will be specially formatted with a choice of audio tracks. Also, the forthcoming individual VOD download purchase versions will include a navigation option to play Visual Ambrosia™ programs at full speed or half speed. Contact: contact@visualambrosia.com to provide you pre-release announcements of availability.

MORE DESCRIPTION: This movie style is developed by animating high resolution digital scans of rare and historic, fine art prints. In the 19th Century, after the invention of black and white photography, but before the invention of color photography, there was a popular demand for color photorealistic art prints. To meet the demand, chromolithographs, color facsimiles of photographs, were published. The art prints were produced by hand printing separately etched, inked plates to build up layers of color.

Visual Ambrosia™ movies are purely decorative movies. With each viewing, one may notice additional details.

Only motion graphic animations of high resolution digital scans can optimally depict, perfectly focused, extreme macro to micro magnification transitions, the signature of Visual Ambrosia™. Movie camera zoom magnification video sequences, recorded through lenses, cannot compare.

Visual Ambrosia™ movies break new ground, different from previous entertainment, for four reasons, in addition to the atypical digital production method and novel art data source.

• UNIVERSALLY INTELLIGIBLE: Anyone with vision can enjoy observing the details, the composition, the way the scan data source amplifies color, the simplicity. Children, elderly, intellectuals, deaf, anyone, even infants.
• DECORATIVELY, ARTISTICALLY ACCESSIBLE: Visual Ambrosia™ movies are easier to visit than museums, optically livelier, similarly aesthetically refreshing.
• CULTURALLY SENTIMENTAL: Dutch, French, Russian, Chinese, Indian, Islamic, German, Italian, British, Japanese, American, Australian, Persian, …Many national cultures have contributed styles, design motifs, emblems, artistic monuments, decorative themes. When photorealistic, 19th C. chromolithograph art prints, depicting decorative motifs of various cultures, are repurposed into Visual Ambrosia™ movies, favorable and beautiful cultural preferences are stirred, artistic nostalgia and pride bloom, decoratively, in newly pleasing graphic ways, animated, repurposed, on screen.
• ECONOMICAL ENTERTAINMENT: Visual Ambrosia™ movies last: inexpensive to create, inexpensive to purchase. They are easy to watch. A 100 minute long-play feature program lasts and lasts, a decorative visual intermezzo you can enjoy over and over, unlike narrative movies one watches once or twice, then moves on. After selecting your three, most favorite, 100 minute duration Visual Ambrosia™ movies, you are set. You will enjoy them for years. This is economical entertainment, colorful moods, graphic satisfaction, decorative habits, lively visuals, sustain ably decorative information…perennially pleasant.


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