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Health Insurance Explained – The YouToons Have It Covered

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Brought to you by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this cartoon explains health insurance and important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks.

The video explains how individuals purchase and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance, including HMOs and PPOs.


Human Being says:

Does subrogation take place if people have a health insurance?

Chunky Rivera says:

There's nothing good about this. The best health care is taking care of yourself as much as possible.

Robert Mills says:

If these individuals act similarly to other residents of the UK, 34 percent of them will have life insurance cover when crossing UK borders.https://www.insurancehero.org.uk/faqs/can-people-residing-outside-of-uk-get-life-insurance.html

Ap acharya says:

Goutam Budha hand

Desirie Mendez says:

This is an extremely sad state of affairs – health care coverage is atrocious! I can’t even wrap my head around it.

Shadow Girl says:

The health insurance industry is one of the primary reasons why healthcare is so expensive. These companies want you to believe the concept of insurance means your protected, but because they only pay a fraction of what hospitals and doctors ask, they in turn increases their official prices to earn what they should. This means that if someone without insurance needs service, they will see charges that are much higher then what even the insurance company would pay, but instead of being allowed to only pay a percentage they are charged in full. In order to feel less shame, doctors generally use a billing service to deal with anything financial so they don't even have to think about the messed up situation they are in turn allowing. How much do you think it would cost to mend a broken bone before insurance companies were in this business, versus now? Ask your doctor or their secretary the next time, and be surprised at the ridiculous costs that uninsured people would have to pay. This further pushes people to have insurance and further skews the costs. Nobody is gonna explain this to you on the news, or at the doctors office, or someone on the phone from the insurance company, instead you have to be conscious enough to realize it, or read a post like this and absorb it. The insurance company isn't on your side, and neither is your doctor, nor your congressmen, nor the hospital or the pharmaceutical companies, in fact its become such a huge business loop that companies involved make billions of profit each year. Wake up, and fight back! Teach your parents and aging grandparents, wake up your friends and talk to your doctors. Many of them might resist you, instantly preferring to not think so hard about the whole picture to understand your point, but until they understand, until of us understand, the situation will only continue to get worse as it has been.

4 Fake says:

Obamacare is tyranny.

P. Patrick Tukkers says:

Poor Americans…..

InsureZero Blog says:

Like your video. Very informative. Insurance is part of everybody's life.

Veruca Salt says:

thank you! i have to start having people decline or accept insurance where i work, so this helps out with questions they may have.

lil iceking carpenter says:

health Medicaid card the green card that's wat I got

Lucio Aguilar says:

I just want to say that before Obama care my insurance was 100% better that it is now. now I have to pay ridiculous out of pocket. plus my deductible its enormous, money, money, money.

mek86.2 says:

please remove the word 'free' from this video. nothing is free

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