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An Austrian venue: Gaisberg. An historic course is at Semmering.

British Isles[edit]
Main article: Hillclimbing in the British Isles
In the British Isles, the format is different from that in other parts of Europe, with courses being much shorter (Harewood Hillclimb is the UK’s longest permanent hillclimb at 1,584 yards (1,448 metres)) – more akin to uphill sprints – and almost always taking under one minute for the fastest drivers to complete. For this reason, cars and drivers do not generally cross between the British and continental European championships.

Hill Climbing is also relevant to motorcycle sport; the governing body is the National Hill Climb Association.[2]

The French hill climb championship, or Championnat de France de la Montagne, has been one of the most competitive of the European national series, attracting many new F2 and 2-litre sports cars during the 1970s and early 1980s. Notable champions from this period include Pierre Maublanc (1967 and 1968), Daniel Rouveyran (1969), Hervé Bayard (1970) and Jimmy Mieusset (1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974). The best-known Course de Côte are Mont Ventoux and Mont-Dore.

Two German venues: Freiburg-Schauinsland, Rossfeld (near Berchtesgaden). The fourth International Schauinsland hillclimb at Freiburg was held on August 5, 1928: “A car made the fastest time of the day, Heusser’s Bugatti putting up 74.009 k.p.h., the fastest motorcycle being Stegmann’s D.K.W. at 69.6 k.p.h.” Caracciola (Mercédès) won the over two-litre racing car class.[3]


Maneuvers is crazy way to avoid crashes but no every time it come safe, be safe and drive safe, much cases can teaches us the reactions,, be careful and watch carefully

Hillclimbing (also known as hill climbing, speed hillclimbing or speed hill climbing) is a branch of motorsport in which drivers compete against the clock to complete an uphill course.

It is one of the oldest forms of motorsport, since the first known hillclimb at La Turbie near Nice, France took place as long ago as 31 January 1897. The hillclimb held at Shelsley Walsh, in Worcestershire, England is the world’s oldest continuously staged motorsport event still staged on its original course, having been first run in 1905.[1]

A very different kind of hillclimbing is done with offroad motorcycles going straight up extremely steep hills. The winner is the one which could climb the highest, or in the case more than one made it to the top, the fastest. This kind of motorsport, which requires skill as well as bravery, has a long tradition in the USA and has been popular in France and Austria since the 1980s. The Austrian event in Rachau focused on crowd entertainment, and inspired many similar events.[citation needed]


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What shite drivers in ALL of the jap crap !! is this hill climbing or drifting ?? what idiots,,best driver on here is the guy in the red astra

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Is there a way i can get into racing like this.

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Sopot, Polska.

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Excellent footage. Thanks for uploading. That red Opel driver was doing great! Very skilled…

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I think if we are honest we have all had Close calls if u don't ur you are not trying hard enought

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I cant figure out if all the hillclimb video makers are just picking on clio's by showing every crash they have, or if renault have indeed come up with a magnet that attracts barriers, tires and trees and put it in their cars?

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0:54 O.o

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Multiple repeats… just stupid!

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AUDI.. brap brap #1

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All Subaru hit the sidewall

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That red astra is awesome!!!!

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most crashes are because of locking brakes… ffs

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what is the name of that car on your vid picture?? looks like a tuned M3 to me.

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this looks like a regurgitated "hillclimb monsters" clip, dislike from me

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Every subi crashes whats he or she got against subaru

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11:47 Rumor has it he's swapped to motogp because he loved being on 2 wheels so much. Amazing talent this guy has.

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10:00 smh..Wish that was me. lol

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