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History of Motor Racing pt 1 1902 – 1914

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Bill Mason while working for the Shell Motor Company’s film unit assembled an impressive series of documentaries that trace the history of motor racing.

The first film shows the early years as Panhards raced against Mercedes. The German Kaiser showed up at the races.

The French Grand Prix with Lancia, Fiat, Renault and Hotchkiss squaring off.

Talbot races Delage at Brooklands. Accidents abound. George Boillot becomes a star. And Grand Prix racing attract huge crowds.



Michael Taylor says:

great sound effects

Michael Taylor says:

1 ton weight limit

David Knight says:

Micheline tries have been around forever!

Daniel Beard says:

The sound effects!!!

Ian Hansen says:

Amazing! just imagine being there seeing one of these cars for the first time 'fly' by haha ^^

indika senevirathne says:

Woow good work

blxtothis says:

Hilarious and very entertaining as well as informative. Those engine noises though, having been added when the compilation was assembled, it’s a pity sound wasn’t around in the early days so that we could hear the genuine sound of these wonderful machines.

Interesting some of the surviving cars from this era can be regularly sen at Goodwood in England. The gigantic Fiat looks suspiciously like the FIAT S76, later also known as FIAT 300 HP Record and nicknamed "The Beast of Turin".

This was a car built in 1910 by the Italian company FIAT specifically to beat the land speed record held in those years by the Blitzen Benz. Its 28,353 cc displacement engine delivered 290 hp. Only two examples were built. One of which has been restored to original specifications and regularly appears at Goodwood, having been driven on public roads to the circuit from the owner’s home. Many elderly motors appear and some race at the Festival of Speed and the Revival, where no vehicles are permitted on the track or in the confines of the circuit made before 1966 when Goodwood initially ceased to host official events. This makes the Revival a very special weekend event, spectators are encouraged to dress in period clothing from the first days of motoring up tom”The Swinging Sixties” WW2 garb being very popular as the airdrome was associated with the wartime RAF. Itstill functions today, early aircraft feature at the revival and on non-event days light aircraft use the base.

Search YouTube for various videos some on the Goodwood channel, one showing one journey included eye popping footage of this fire spitting monster re-fuelling at a petrol station en-route, the staff were somewhat panicked by the noise and flames!

keith kuehn says:

Wonderful Driving these old cars is just incredible. Of all the ones built before 1915, there may be about 6K left, so any chance of driving one is slim, but wow if you can, or even get a ride. Imagine, no starter, no doors, no seatbelts, no front brakes, tires 3 to 4 inches wide, double clutching needed for the straight cut gears in the transmission, wood spokes on your wheels, maybe wire spokes, no shock absorbers on many, no windshield even on many everyday cars let alone race cars………drive one of these today and see what happens, don't stop or you'll never get away from the gawkers

Swine Brothers says:

interesting time, when they made 700 cubic inch motors…very interesting

Derek Watson says:

thanks, great

NatureRecycleFlorida says:

awesome footage

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