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HOOKING UP Official Trailer (2020) Jordana Brewster, Comedy Movie HD

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HOOKING UP Official Trailer (2020) Jordana Brewster, Brittany Snow Comedy Movie HD
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Matthew Eveland says:

I like this!

Luna Lovegood says:

i am so sick of seeing interracial couples. they got this black man dating two white women?? god forbid he dates someone who looks like him.

Wallace Rigby says:

Comedy version of Nymph?

Sniper Queen says:

my 2 favourite people britney snow and jordana brewster 💜💜💜

ZiceLove says:

Worked on set with Sam on Veep briefly and he is a hilarious and warm guy. A joy to work with

j mert_58 says:

I'd watch this.

Phillip Lemmon says:

Donald trump and his trumpanites aren't going to like this! LMFAO!!,

haliwud24 says:

Switch the roles and this movie would be protested into oblivion

En ki says:

Ballshevik Agenda!

gabe_liu says:

i miss Sam since Veep. hollywood, give him more project please

Grÿmoda 009 says:

This is how Oreo cookies are made.

Furyan Auror says:

Richard Splett's attitude seems slightly different here 🤣

ratul hasan says:

0:28 is that the cop from "good boys"

Balaji Nathan says:

Couldn't they get a sexy black guy for the sexy lady

他妈啊肉类别让我 says:

Who thinks this trailer is about Fast and furious 9🔥🔥🔥
Hit that 👍👇 Dom fans🔥🔥🔥

Hank Donovan says:

a white woman and a black man? what are the odds, dear hollywood!!!

ToPostOrNotToPost says:

Nice to see Mia branching out. I’ve always loved her!

Sudzy says:

does not look that bad

Weston says:

so good <3

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