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HOOKING UP Trailer (2020) Brittany Snow Sex Comedy Movie HD

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HOOKING UP Trailer (2020) Brittany Snow Sex Comedy Movie HD

She (Brittany Snow) is an adventurous writer pumping out scandalous content for a lifestyle magazine. He (Sam Richardson) is a hopeless romantic who’s just been dumped by his high school sweetheart and given a medical diagnosis that’s left him shook. After a chance meeting, the mismatched duo hit the road on a cross country trip to provide them both some much needed healing. Also starring Jordana Brewster and Vivica A. Fox.

In theatres: March 20, 2020

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JoBlo Movie Trailers says:

Brittany Snow is a sex addict on a road trip with Sam Richardson in the trailer for HOOKING UP!

CJ32 pull2 says:

Her nodes gonna be an issue again 😂

corason live says:

WTF?! Did you let a black man be near a white woman? Are you crazy? Do you want mass assassinations of black people after this show?

charles junior says:

Name of the song?

MS7 says:

Has to be THE shittest looking movie I’ve ever seen, whoever created it, wrote it, casted and directed need to be fired and held accountable immediately.

JB 1994 says:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days but roadtrip format and with SEX!

shalaka nawle says:

For brittany snow

shalaka nawle says:

Def going to see anytime I get chance

Zedfinite says:

Jordana Brewster is on her way to be this decade's new Demi Moore.

Jude Ceant says:

One of the dumbest plots I've seen in a while

BluePain says:

I'm watching this

Abebil3 says:

Wait is that Anna Akana?


I sense bombing in the box office cause this is gonna be absolutely shit cause all its gonna be is a black guy gaining attraction to a white chick with brainless humour and it's gonna end up her falling for him cliché done to death Hollywood try harder fuck sake


Oh joy another movie that needs to glorify interracial fucking like we need more of that

Weston says:

awesome video

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