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How to Convert Cassettes to Digital Music Files

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You want to transfer your cassettes to digital music but don’t have a clue where to start. With these tips and the right equipment, your old music will sound brand new.

Step 1: Make all connections
Connect the end of the cable with the stereo plug into the line output on your computer. Connect the end with the two RCA plugs to the cassette deck.

Step 2: Check the volume and levels
Open the volume control on your computer located on the taskbar or in the control panel. Adjust the volume accordingly. Make sure the mute box is not checked.

Step 3: Open the recording program
Double click the icon of the recording program on your desktop, or open the program through your program files menu.

Invest in a recording program that cleans up sounds of wear and tear from the cassette.

Step 4: Record the music
Press the record button on the program a few seconds before pressing play on the tape recorder. Record until you are finished.

Step 5: Edit and save
Delete the unnecessary parts of the recording and choose the format to save the file.

Did You Know?
The compact cassette was first sold in 1963.


Zarr Videos says:

"line out on computer"??
I don't think so.

Mtshortall says:

wow. this video is wrong. see comment from Garry Freemyer. I noticed it right away. It should be line in not out. sad.

Bobby Gasoline says:

Does this work with copyrighted music tapes? Store bought vs. home made mix tapes?

wakaphwap says:

Could I do this with my zoom H1 mic??

marc11864 says:

If the cassette was originally recorded in stereo, will it transfer to digital as stereo or might I need to make some adjustments? Thanks to anyone who has some insight on this.

Doubleringer says:

Exactly, best way is a desktop PC with XP, you can plug the Tape Deck right into "Line in" on the PC or plug the Tape Deck into a Mixer, then out to the PC "Line in", that way, you can enhance the bass & treble on the Mixer and get a really good sound.

Rafay Shoaib says:

plzz tell me how can i record Audio Cassete from my PC?

i have some songs on my pc.. i wanna record those songs on my Audio Cassete.. so how its possible? pplzzz guide me in detailed


Buskieboy says:

Thanks for the tip! So maybe it's the volume from the tapedeck? I will try your instructions and report back!

Jasmine Shafley says:

what if its valuable or old or hard to find or home make and the tape gets ruined or tangled or broken.. then you will have backup..

Mr. B says:

Meh, i'd just rather listen to the tape.

Buskieboy says:

My $@#$%%! HP Pavillion laptop doesn't have a line out! I've tried to use the headphone plug but I get horrible scratching/quality and low volume.
Any ideas?

brittlestar says:

nice idea but that's never going to work if you connect the cable to the "line output on your computer" 0:31 and adjusting the output volume 0:41 won't make any difference to the recording!

Cody Bonger says:

damn i need to clean my keyboard

yorkshiere says:

@hachuto beat you

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