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How to Create an Online Course, LMS, Educational Website Like Udemy using WordPress 2018 – WPLMS

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How to Create an Online Course Website , LMS – Learning Management System, Educational Website Like Udemy using WordPress 2018 – WPLMS Theme Tutorial. E-Learning and eCourse Website
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00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:43 Demo website
00:09:57 Domain & hosting
00:20:44 Install WordPress
00:23:34 Deleting Unnecessary Plugins & Themes
00:29:17 Increasing WordPress Memory
00:33:14 Installing WPLMS Theme
00:34:13 WPLMS Quick Setup
00:39:29 Creating Unit or Lectures
00:47:54 Creating Questions for Quiz
00:52:47 Creating Quiz
00:57:33 WooCommerce Integration
01:00:35 Paypal Integration
01:04:10 Creating Coupons
01:08:17 Creating Virtual Course Product
01:11:35 Making Certificates
01:15:33 Creating a Course
01:27:44 Making Home Page Slider with Revolution Slider
01:39:00 Making Another Revolution Slider
01:47:01 Creating Home Page
01:50:18 Home Page – Section 1
01:54:55 Home Page – Section 2
02:00:15 Home Page – Section 3
02:01:27 Home Page – Section 4
02:03:40 Home Page – Section 5
02:07:26 Home Page – Section 6
02:10:36 Creating About Us Page
02:17:31 About Us Page – Section 2
02:24:31 About Us Page – Section 3
02:28:08 Creating Contact us Page
02:36:23 Getting Google Map JavaScript API
02:42:13 Creating Sidebars
02:46:35 IMPORTANT LMS Setiings
02:51:32 Creating Different Menus
02:52:37 Creating a Course Page
02:57:50 Demo Course Transaction
02:59:02 Expanding User Profile Fields

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Safar Yacoub says:

I never comment on videos but the effort you made on this video deserves a like and a comment. Thank you!


I can't update my slider it shows "revolution slider error slider with alias not found" please help me

ssains says:

Do u even know how to print "hello world" ?

Cesar Reina says:

Congratulations for the great explanation on this tutorial. I have some questions concerned about the two version licenses: one is USD $69 and the other is USD $3600. If I want to create my courses on my web site and sell the course around the world. Which one should I buy? … Shall I be limited in some way with the USD $69 license? … Thanks a lot!

CPA marketingacademy says:

you should do a couple of videos with the pre made templates offered by wplms,

Pinaki Mitra says:

Thank you for putting this together. This is awesome!
The issue I am facing is that when I am going to WPLMS -> Course Manager -> Take This Course Page, "Course Status" is NOT showing up as an option (I don't have this option) and -> Connect Edit Course Page, "Edit Course" is NOT showing up as an option (I don't have this option).

Can you think of any reasons why I am not seeing these options?

Spanish with Vicente says:

💥💥AMAZING VIDEO!!!!💥💥 But the Theme has been removed from themeforest, 😔😔 I checked yesterday and it was but today there is no longer available, I copy your link so you can check it: http://bloggdude.com/wplms

EDIT: I just check it right now and it´s available again 🙂

vamshi krishna says:

Ur really Super bro ..tq

James watini says:

This is great

Dushanth Dushy says:

Hi bro get great value from u👍 may I use this to sell ebook also?

Taichi Imanishi says:

I can’t find the “Course Status”, “Edit Course” and “Notes and Discussion” options under Course Manager. Please could someone help me find them?

Taichi Imanishi says:

Could someone please help me with this: I've got an error message saying "Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Slider not found. " I can't seem to connect Slider 1 and 2 to Home Page.

Taichi Imanishi says:

I've got an error message saying "Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias Slider not found. " Please could someone help me to fix this! I can't seem to connect Slider 1 and 2 to Home Page.

مقالب أمريكا says:


Sarah Sisto says:

Hi! Thank you for your video. I have a question: how can i setting the 'Become an instructor' page? I have already set up as a template 'start course page' but it doesn't work. Help, please!

Patricia Gathogo says:

Is there a way I can change the currency from Us dollars to a local currency?

Abdirizak Abyad says:

This is very good content. I have one question. How can you increase upload limit for the teachers. I see it only says 2mb

Jemmy Geovanka says:

Damn dude 😉

Tuitions Tonight says:

Bro no doubt…! You have made the many people's life Easy! Loads of love 🙂


Hi, lots of hard work seems in your videos….i have a question do you have to purchase themes every time to make those videos for us?

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