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How To Get Around High Car Insurance Bills

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There are a few different approaches here to getting around paying a lot for car insurance. If you have some marks on your record and are looking for legal ways around it check out the video. Don’t be so quick to rely on your parents insurance, or claim you live somewhere you don’t if an accident does happen you can find yourself without coverage and that would be bad.

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Henshin Ikeda says:

You missed the part where you can have "Liability Bond Car Insurance". (Bonds are used in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, standard auto insurance)

APv8 says:

The best way is to put your car in someone else’s name, have them insure it and you drive it. If you want to be safe they can list you as a driver also. Will be a bit higher than not listing yourself as a driver but that’s better than paying crazy premiums

chad haire says:

some bad info here–yes you can rent a car without having liability insurance but if you get in an accident you can get sued and lose everything.

Klas Peppar says:

Rob can you make a video where you tell how to get around the 30% income Tax that we have here in north K… ohh.. sorry I meant Sweden (here in Sweden).
You know the tax that makes it not worth it to enter the work space as a Teen as i will be making out as much money as I would if i lived of welfare (food stamps).
It is not like I’m going to be working on McDonald’s ether, if I would start working when I’m done with education I would work as a Certified car mechanic.
Maybe I should take my education and move to Norway or Denmark or maybe Finland and be a certified car mechanic there instead I’m f*cking sick of being thrown under the bus by the Swedish politicians all the f*cking time along with all the senior citizens who they also all ways f*cked over.

Isn’t funny how many time we get completely f*cked over.
First we in Sweden get f*cked over by the f*cking EU.
Then we the normal people get f*cked over by the government, then they take next to half of our money in return of broken promises and dreams of living in safe, peace and quiet and this really hurts us in the economically weaker groups such as older Teenagers and senior citizen.
Then we get f*cked over by the SVT (Swedish state run television) who will now start to charge everyone for their sh*ty worthless public service propaganda.
The highly taxed and priced fuel f*ckes us over we that live on the country side and we that like cars.
The we have the f*cking joke of a police force that is more concerned about this comment and catching people who go 6km/h over the speed limit than catching other “worse criminals”.

Meeker Extreme says:

There is some truth to your concept.

Picking up at local Colorado Springs, CO Airport through Hertz I can rent a Ford Focus 4 door for $450.90 a month. People pay that to buy a vehicle. Of course for a month a Yukon is $2,100…LOL So if you plan to keep to a normal vehicle then $450.90 is nothing like you said you save on not having insurance, you also save on the expensive fee's to register here. So yeah in a way you make out. No maintenance you always get to drive a newer vehicle but the downside is you need to go return it and get something else for another month.

If you want to protect that Focus it's $31.99 a day.
 Applies to all vehicle damage to Hertz rental car
    •  Don’t have to file a claim with personal auto insurance for loss/damage to the Hertz vehicle
    •  No deductible for you to pay to Hertz.  On rentals in Canada, if LDW is already included in your rate, a deductible may apply. Please refer to your Rental Agreement for more information. May not apply to Canadian Licensee Locations.
    •  Applies to any size vehicle
    •  Applies regardless of who is at fault 

That is pretty expensive for long term rentals though at $991.69 for a 31 day month. So you would be better renting with a VISA card that covers rentals. Mine do, most Platinum cards do although I'm not sure on how they pay out.

Oh wow maybe just Colorado, no limits!!!

So March 1st to December 31 it says I can rent a Ford Focus and I get a discount at $423.85 a day
10 months at 423.85 USD4238.50 USD
5 extra days at 15.26 USD76.30 USD
Unlimited Miles Included
Airport Concession Fee 481.07 USD
State Surcharge 610.00 USD
Customer Facility Charge 762.50 USD
Energy Surcharge 1.49 USD
So that is $681.07 a month after taxes.

The Walking Glitch says:

My question about the credit card insurance: Is this a valid form of operators coverage if I have to go to court over an insurance ticket? Does the insurance article of the Credit Card agreement server as proof of insurance? That's just as important as the actual coverage itself.

ROiDigitalgGroup says:

Johnson's Auto Insurance
6115 Miramar Pky #117 
Miramar, FL 33023
(469) 405-6322

soulrisk1010 says:

Wow dude, I thought you were Italian or something. Mr. Spaghetti and all that nonsense. But here you are serving up some all American Humble pie. Man, It sure does taste great served fresh 🙂

mastalee says:

Insurance is a nice scam

William Wade says:

I have to own a Ford Raptor, how else am I going to haul my mountain bikes around. It's a NECESSITY. Nice video Rob, thanks for the info.

Torq Auto says:

Just use Turo , insurance is included in the rental

Andrew Campbell says:

Good advice. Now tell us how you rack up 10+ speeding tickets a year and still have your license?

This is how it's done says:

Holy shit, this turned into an ad for a new business he has. I don't want to rent your spaghetti.

Mike Icee says:

In California if you deposit just $35K at DMV you are exempt from car insurance! Its called "self insured certificate."

Arden Nielsen says:

wast of time, lunch in jail if free, why would i pay into something so that i miss out on free lunches?

Josh311 says:

Alex Choi recently said he pays $15,000 a year for insurance on his Huracan.

Justin says:

God dammit Rob why didn't you answer when I tried to call you?

Josh S says:

Both premium credit cards I have have clauses that you can’t be renting a car for over X number of days per month and have insurance coverage. I don’t believe if you were paying for a monthly car rental/subscription service on your CC you’d be covered if something happens through the card insurance.

James Mccarthy says:

In Mass. If you want your insurance to be lower . Start paying yearly until it goes down. That's it. No way around it. New driver ,bad driver it doesn't matter. Rates and penalties won't go away.

Forest gump says:

In British Columbia if you don't have anything insured in your name for 2 years your insurance goes back to zero and you have to restart building up your safe driving years.

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