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how to lose 22lbs in one week (egg diet)

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this was my experience on the egg diet…
please make sure to watch the full video to understand why you SHOULD NOT do this diet!!

original video: https://youtu.be/aGtwMA5_mUo

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Lele bella says:

Click bait waste of time

Chatty Yaz says:

I did this egg diet a year ago… Lost 21lbs in 14 days!!!! But I was up at 220lbs….I felt fine after it and looked great. Im redoing it in like a week 😂😂😂

monica fermin says:

Clue* I don’t eat 900 I eat 1500 calories a day it I do lose weight

monica fermin says:

Calories intake not only is about age but also daily activity a person do.. you are not a dietitian and you out of a club..

TruGalaxy TV says:

No, this diet didn’t suck! You have to commit when you want to see some results, you didn’t stick through it!!!!! BUTTTTT GIRLLLLL. Why would you want to get in a diet, youuuuu look great.

Dakota Meekins says:

Everyone in the comments sayin why do thin people even want to do this or don’t lose weight if your already skinny like sis that’s not how they feel it’s better to educate them. So Instead of dieting start lifting weights to build muscle mass and it’ll take away all the things that make you want to lose weight tightens your stomach thighs and arms😉

Miyanda Simalabwi says:

1800 kcal a day

Me: eats 900 cries

Pls Lui says:

I just need to lose like 5-10 pounds xD

Lets Talk-Misc says:

An extreme caloric deficit is a good thing if you aren't already skinny
They train overweight people to not overeat and lose weight, and gain confidence.
Also, age alone doesn't determine how many calories you should be eating.

Mang Kanor says:

If this aint for skinny people .n then please suggest cuz we wanna be sexy too

Vida EnCristo says:

Can I have black coffee instead of green tea?

Sylwjen says:

this sleepiness is probably due to high intake of protein and low intake of carbs

Halima Raja says:

i did this diet and lost 14 kgs from 75.9kg to 61.2kg my hight is 5.6 highly recommend this diet to anyone who want to loose weight and get fitter🤙🏻

Tatchy Green says:

I did this diet + water with lime & acv for two weeks… i lost almost 7 kilos. It works for people who are actually over weight and with a slower metabolism. I felt actually good, by week two i added a banana a day with black coffee. I do exercised 3 to 4 days a week. Nothing crazy, maybe 30 mins a day.
I’m 41 btw.
I kept the weight off by cutting down white carbs and alcohol.

Mal says:

It’s really hard to do this when you live with your family who doesn’t give you any privacy 🙃

Mal says:

Me : this seems like torture
Also me : tries it

thee k a a says:

cant stand skinny bitches

Anae Bain says:

I did the egg diet, lost 12lbs in a week late last year . It takes a lot of mental stamina the first days, but honestly it’s not as bad as people say. You can do anything for a week tbh

Janice _0701 says:

Im am the point where i just wanna lose weight and am willing to yeet my health off the roof 🙋

Kimberly Blount says:

Girl bye.. I'm doing this egg diet 🤫

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