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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage in 5 Years by Clayton & Natali Morris.
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For most Americans, our biggest expense is our monthly mortgage payment. On our family’s journey toward financial freedom, we dreamed about what our life would be like if we could eliminate that dreaded expense. We discovered and then implemented a strategy that allowed us to pay off our 30-year mortgage in just a few short years. With a little creativity and dedication, you can pay off your mortgage too!

In this video, Natali and I are sharing four simple steps you can take to pay off your mortgage. We’ll talk about amortization schedules, and how to evaluate financial products. Plus, we’re sharing a free resource you can utilize to plan an attack against your mortgage!

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Morris Invest says:

Check out the best selling book on How To Pay Off Your Mortgage right here: https://amzn.to/2CcSxIB

Grace X says:

Your hair looks great, Natali!

thomas oliver says:

so pretty much the same principal as when I tripled the amount I was paying on my car and payed of my 4 year debt in 1. It takes DISCIPLINE!

Marcus E. says:

Can you HELOC on an llc property?

Mario Perez says:

Thank you very much for responding.

Mario Perez says:

Can anyone explain how creating another monthly payment to your already existing mortgage payments is a good thing??? Sure the principal goes down but you now have your original payment plus a new heloc monthly payment. How is someone who is already struggling to pay their monthly payment suppose to be able to make another payment? Just wondering.

Bean S says:

Early principal is the method for me. I do it right from my bank’s site

Free Wifi says:

Is paying a $1000 a week on a mortgage something you can do? Or is that even practical? For example: if my mortgage payment is $2800. Over the course of a year I’d pay $33,600. But if I paid $1000 a week it’ll be $52,000. Would that additional $18,400 go straight to principal? Or would it even matter in the long run, like making a half of year worth of additional payments have the same effect? Or aging is this even something I can do. Would a back allow me to make payments this way. I enjoyed the video. Hope to get a response.

Leila Potter says:

In the five years we have had our house, we have paid $21,662 in interest. (The principal balance is $111k.) If we paid off the mortgage early, would we still be out all of that interest or would it be reconfigured?

Manneh says:

If you can't use your HELOC or your 401k, a 3rd option (if you have one), is to use your Whole Life Insurance policy and than pay interest back to yourself.

MiGz1979 says:

What about an annuity.. Can u utilize that like a 401k as well?

Dienekes says:

Seriously, isn't $10 and an hour reading a book a small price to pay in order to save $100,000?

Dienekes says:

The one thing I've learned recently is how to convert amortized interest to simple interest. As a rule of thumb, you take the interest, double it and then multiply it by 10. So, if you have a 5% interest rate on your house, it actually converts to 100% interest, when everything is said and done. That's shocking. So, even if you used a credit card to pay a chunk onto your principle, paying 20% on that, it would be simple interest and cost you 1/5 of the interest of a home mortgage. It's really shocking. But the better way to do it is to get a Line of Credit (either personal or Home Equity) and do it with that because those are simple interest loans.

I highly recommend reading the book. I'm sure it will seriously open your eyes and blow your mind. I can't wait to order a copy myself. I already know quite a bit about it, but you never know when little tidbits you might learn from someone else explaining these concepts in a slightly different way.

Emmanuel Sepulveda says:

The new strategy from from these kinds of crooks is to first say the truth about paying paying down your principal and talk about the shrinking the amortization schedule which is all true. But then go into the heloc bullshit.

Brian says:

1st lien heloc? 🙂

Bonez1999 says:

I've noticed my bank doing the same thing with sneaky interest into principal payments… It's a shame. Makes you wonder how many people have no idea and lose all that money to interest when they're trying to pay down their mortgage… Awful.

Mr C says:

Is 4.5% a good home interest rate?

Algo Rhythm says:

Macquarie Asset Manager was the best product for this back before the Great Recession. You could get a 100% HELOC, the rates got as low as 2.49% AND was tax deductible!!! …aahhh, those were the days (-,;

Jeremias Arita says:

I pay miy 5 years en 6 man

Juan Melendez says:

So it's another credit card payment

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