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I Will Never Be a Syndicated Cartoonist: cartoonist vlog 1

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Cartoonist vlog #1:

After several years of daydreaming about becoming a syndicated newspaper cartoonist – and actually drawing and submitting some comic strips too – today I realized why it will never happen.


JesseRobert Garza says:

Wow did not know your a cartoonist that is awesome I need to check out your ORG

Naus Skjule says:

That's my problem with the Syndicate you have comics which are heavily coded nothing risky allowed and then you turn the newpaper page and you see all the negative horrible news stories.

WriterSanctuary says:

Yeah…outrage culture is a terrible thing. Personally, I prefer self-publishing. It gives you a chance to target your specific audience without trying to appease to the masses. As long as your fans love ya, that's all that matters.

Towny Town Comics says:

While I'm not one to condone the use of profanity, I will agree with you that publishers are FAR too sensitive to the emotions of their readers and engage in what is essentially censorship. And while I was initially sad to hear that you were relinquishing your dreams of professional syndication, it sounds as though you are confident that this is the right decision––and for that I am supportive of you. I truly do believe that self-publication will bring you the most satisfaction. Money? Who knows. But satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment, for sure.

Also, make more of these vlogs. I like to watch them in the morning instead of getting out of bed.

Emmanuel Sylvester says:

You'll definitely have more creative freedom self publishing. Wishing you success in that!

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