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If you're considering online school, PLEASE watch this video first.

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Whats up guys!

Please excuse the energy in this video I have a really bad cold.

I know lots of people now days are thinking about homeschool and online school in replacement of normal main stream school, if you are one of those people please watch this video to the very end, it might help you a lot!

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S\O to red lion


Star Reyes says:

i want to do online school for personal reasons (having somewhat health problems) and my parents don’t even try to understand me at all. They thinking as like i wanna drop out etc. but that’s not the case I’m having problems.

Kool Rychu says:

So like I’m immune to headaches like I’m not joking you can barely flick my head with your finger and I’ll have a headache but it’s not only pain that brings headaches it’s the stress from school and another thing is the only schools near me you are required to wear a uniform and it’s so itchy and I feel really uncomfortable in it I hope that’s valid to do online school

scatter says:

irl school is shit

Savannah Batson says:

After Christmas I’m transferring to online school, the reason is medical problems that prohibited me from doing a lot of stuff at public school. 🥴

Maggie Wetzel says:

When I was thinking about doing online school, I watched a bunch of online school videos. Most of them said I'll be lonely and stuff, but I've been doing it for 2 months so far, and I haven't been lonely!

Megan Irving says:

You need to be very dedicated and committed, I'm on two and a half years now. You have to be very disciplined

Desiree Thibela says:

Thank you Matt. It really helped me a lot….

Youtube User says:

I just don’t know which one to do ! There isn’t any in my state or county

ITR Koji says:

This helped me a lot, I’m going through tough descions right now and wanting to do online schooling.

Ivana Beattie says:

you should think about doing a day in your life. would be cool. show us how home school works, take us through how your day works and how its different from normal South Africans your age. really like your new content. keep it up bud!!

Capid says:

Do u need an issue with school to do home schooling or can u just go for it ?

Guada Life says:

Yea if your under the age of 18 do u need a Parent to stay home with you when your doing online school

vladimir putin says:

Thanks matt very cool

antony lotter says:

ты очень большой гей

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